After a whole day of work yesterday (which went fairly quickly thankfully) I caught the 6:03pm train into Flinders Street and found my to Southbank to catch up with a few randoms.

I saw Dawn first and got a massive smile from her. Then the rest of them sitting there around a table under horrendous red food-court light. I was extremely surprised to see Tom there and happier than I like to admit (looks like I might have missed you Tom 😉 It was a most excellent collection of old faces, all whom I’ve missed greatly and hadn’t really realised: Clare, Dawn, Jess C, Katie, Darryn, Amy B, Jess VW, Sam, Tom, Jane, Iain, Kat, Emma, Alice and Laura.

We did a good lot of talking, laughing, eating. Walked along the Yarra for a bit then diverted into the casino 😛 had a look at the very unispiring Chinese New Years thing in the Atrium (which should have been taken down weeks ago).

Of all things we ran in to Dan (Berwick YITS), Cameron and some of their mates who had been to the motor show. They went off and we ended up sitting in the food-court again, talking more and talking more and talking more. Katie and I went off for a bit of a wander as we were bored of sitting. Hopefully will be catching up with her and Jo on Friday. About five of us girls went out to watch the fire thing on the hour and sat up on a concrete barrier right underneath one so we could feel the full effects.

Jane gave Sam and I a lift home. Extremely satisfying evening.

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