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Today I have been confronted by lives of those I know.

One is getting counselling.
One is afraid/anxious.
One is alone.
One is depressed.

Each of those ‘ones’ I’m sure I could turn mathematical, because I know from observation that 1 = 2.

Too many apathetic,
Too many afraid
Too many alone
Too many depressed
Too many stuck

“Such is life” is a sucky statement.

And on that fine note I’ll go to bed.

(post you’ve been waiting for Anthony is coming, it’s sitting unfinished as yet in draft form)

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  1. said:

    awesome i look forward to it.

    Life’s always full of people with issues, we all have them, on some level at least.

    The question i’m always blagued with is how do i help, and if i know how, how much do i help.

    Anyways its great to hear that you are think hard about my question.

    All the besy

    February 26, 2006

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