What a fine day.

Had to sit through a far too long John Wimber (some guy who started some Vineyard stuff) testimony video. Thankfully it was quite funny although I tried hard to find a point why they’d pick the ‘cafe style’ Sunday to show it on. Got a few bits and pieces out of it as well as a donut and a cappuchino.

Young Adults social thing after church. Had lunch out in the back room. Sat around talking to Dan and Cam first then to Andrew and Ross. Andy and Ross are a recently married couple only fractionally older than me. Personally think they are both fantastic. Ross is a personal carer in disability, Andy is third year accounting – his brother also turns out to be Ambassador (from gush) weird.

Drove home with Dan and Cam. Cam driving his Holden Premier (old, loud with a horn incredibally more so). He floored it at one stage. I do value my life sometimes.

They ended up staying all afternoon. Dan did my dishes despite protesting (he can come anytime! 😛 bring it on!) which was very nice, Cam just watched lazy bum. Was a good afternoon really.

Went to my grandparents place for dinner. Tried on Grandma’s wedding dress which is nothing short of amazing and right back in style. It fit! Bit tight for breathing haha. Needs a restoration and a half due to discolouring. The trains a bit long. But if we ever want to wear it for our wedding we have free liscence. Worth thinking about 😛

Sorry tony you’ll just have to wait, head can’t think more tonight. Post is coming, don’t think it’s going to be fantastic but it’ll be an answer to that question somewhat I hope.

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  1. said:

    I isn’t and can’t be a measure of what if going to be a fantastic post or not. The fact that you have thought about and put so much effect into it will make it fantastic.

    Also if it is going to be so detailed etc, be ready for some follow up questions. HEHEHE 😛

    February 26, 2006

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