Day one Deakin

Before I scoot to bed as I have an early one tomorrow – well 9:00 Studio class (which is the class particular to my course) which means get to Jess’s by 7:45. I should mention something about uni.

Jess and I rock up around 11:30. Meet this girl from Real Life (which used to be called Student Life), Hayley. Ask some questions attempt to vaguely suss it out. She has to go to a tute so we grab some lunch, both having not made it at home. Wont be doing that too often, too expensive. Isobelle find us and joins us (Did Yr.12 with her, she goes to Vineyard, 2nd Yr Primary Teaching).

We got a brief tour of Building B from her, she points out good labs to use and the quieter ones. They help me find where I should be as Jess and Izzy are sharing a drama class elsewhere. Lecture is on the 4th floor.

It looks like it’ll be an interesting/fun subject. Comparitive Imaging I think it’s called. A lot of digital photography stuff with a good slab of Photoshop which suits me fine however I do have to learn how to use a Mac which I haven’t really before aside from a tiny bit one work experience, it is sort of annoying but was fairly inevitable. Everything can’t be familiar.

Met one other girl, Sarah, doing Media Arts. There wasn’t really time for other introductions nor was I sitting next to anyone else.

Lecture finished at 2:00, bus came at 2:20pm. I see Rosie (who I met at Elyce’s party that once) it does turn out to be her, then Josie Kentler (long time family friends) as I’m getting off. Both are doing nursing. Get a Belgrave train at about 2:46pm. Get off at Ringwood. A good 15 minute wait or longer. Train to Lilydale. Bus straight away but packed with school kiddies. One was flicking a rubber band around, he would’ve been about 10. It landed near me about 10mins into the bus trip. I smiled at him and didn’t give it back. I was being nice!

Took FAR too long to get home, but oh well.

Chris Memory, according to Hannah, thinks he has a class with me. I don’t really know him beyond just sight (year below me in school). I’m guessing it would have to be Principles of Interactive Media or whatever they call it as thats the IT subject side of things. We shall see.

The Studio, which is what it’s called. Is exclusive to BIM students. Which means we get our own area, nice new computers with I dare say new techonology, big board room table, showers, toilets, kitchen, lounge area with Xbox/movie etc playing facilities with a big screen and soon an area for doing blue screen stuff. Rather appealing. It’s open 24/7 apparently and used to be some part of drama backstage stuff. I shall be in there tomorrow morning.

Yes, so survived and like to say thrived but haven’t been there that long and besides, it’s tacky.


  1. Friend said:

    His last name is MEMORY?! That is AWESOME!

    Here’s to uni! *toast*

    February 28, 2006
  2. said:


    kick-ass studio from the sounds of it. Use it! Use it! Use it!

    February 28, 2006
  3. said:

    mmm sounds very similar to what we had at Monash Berwick, though we had 4 Stuido rooms, only one had a blue screen though, also last year they were building a sound studio

    March 1, 2006

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