Don’t cry over spilt milk, just change your clothes

I was putting away various breakfast things when I dropped the milk. Not much split surprisingly but the bit that did splattered everywhere and I don’t me just in the immediate area. All over me and and all over the kitchen. Needless to say I did have to change.

I have no tute this morning so can leave the house at a far more decent hour. Yesterday held Studio. Which was great! Very informal. Infact I was one of three who turned up on time, the rest got lost (silly first years :P) and showed up in dribs and drabs. Adrian is our um, well I guess you could say the guy that oversees our stuff. He has a very lame sense of humor, talks about his kids a bit and seems like a likeable kind of person.

Heres to having a microwave and all other previously mentioned things (see last post) all for us! I have to go put in a form to I get a swipe card thing so I can get in there. Apparently other tutes use it sometimes but the space is very much ours and we’ve been told to make it so.

So out of the 11 or so of us present yesterday, three of us are of the female variety. Jen and Kim are the other girls. I didn’t really get to talk to Kim as she was late but Jen and I proceeded find out a bit about who the other was and kept eachother company during the next class.

Principles of Interactive Media is probably going to be the biggest “class”/lecture I have. I’d estimate about 80-100 people. I did not see Chris Memory. I think he must be mistaken. The lecturer (Penelope) is a bit weird, I have this vague idea she might begin to frustate me but she keeps your attention well enough.

Today I have both photography subjects. Apparently the ‘Still Images’ one is massively over enrolled as they are calling for some people to consider changing tute times. I shall not be doing so as it would inconvenience Jess, even if it would mean I’d have a shorter Wednesday.

Uni wise. I’m not sure if this course is _exactly_ what I want to be doing, but its a good intermediate. I need to look into taking up a unit or lots on writing as thats something I really want to do.

I had this dream/idea when I was about 15 to go and do photo journalism. Something like that with blogging (don’t laugh) but involving some tech stuff still sits the back of my mind as a very interesting thing to pursue. It’s no secret I want to be doing some travelling, because if I stay put in Victoria for the rest of my life I think I’ll go mad. Recording that with words or with photographs or better still, both, would be nothing short of fulfilling. I shall have to see where it all goes and in the mean time, try to pretend that everything is utterly relevant and if not, make it so.

Props to Burkie for throwing the realistic ball at my complaining over relevance.


  1. said:

    Hey girl!
    some of your dreams sound like a buddy of mine, he’s a yank – but don’t hold that against him 😛 It’s extremely difficult to talk to him and not walk away inspired by his life.
    You can check out his site at – thats mainly his photography, but he writes alot, he’s keen to be a photo journalist and he’s just written a childrens book. You should check him out, he’s truely a wonderful guy.

    keep chasing those dreams Bec.
    Jess xoxo

    March 1, 2006
  2. said:

    How do you know him Jess?

    His site is pretty interesting, might shoot him an email one of these days if I can work out what to say.

    March 2, 2006

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