Something New

In a short half hour I shall be on my way to Deakin.

First day at uni!

In hindsight I am incredibally glad I took that ‘year off’ before throwing myself into all of this. It’s one more year to grow up a bit. One more year to find your feet. Aside from that, it gives you the distinct advantage of being just a fraction older than many of those school leavers – I personally think it’s all in my head, but Rebecca + control, makes stability of new situation easier. I would try to explain where the age thing comes in but I think I’d fail. Whatever the case, that handle on things (even if I do look no older, probably younger) is appreciated.

I have one lecture today. That is it. One short hour and a bit of waiting around for Jess’s (W) class to finish before I find my way home again. Jiggety Jig.

Had a celebratory big breakfast, scrambled eggs on the last two bits of toast I could find. One was a crust 🙁 and no bacon. Braved the instant as I wanted some coffee, should’ve walked my dog as I had loads of time but didn’t.

Mug shot a photo for a new concession card as I couldn’t find any suitable and need to find somewhere to get that printed really soon, as we downgraded to a black and white lazer some time ago and can no longer can print in colour. I am NOT paying $6.95 for a photo booth photo when you can get one done at any old place for 30 cents or less. Then I guess I have to find someone around Deakin to stamp across my face before I am valid again.

Ha. Invalid. How curiously GATTACA.

The weather is a most excellent Melbourne 23 degrees and it shall hopefully be an enjoyable day. I shall be curious to see how stressed Jess is (probably a fair bit) and I hope Sam, that all goes well for you.

I am not in the slightest bit freaked out and rather looking forward to it all. Perhaps too much moving and change does have it’s pay offs. I am beyond ready for something new.

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  1. said:

    it was alright.

    was almost late for my first ever lecture.. but thankfully power walking got me there just on time.

    February 27, 2006

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