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I never said I never lose things although it’s mostly true. Of course when I did happen to lose something, it had to be relatively important. My bank card. At least it’s replaceable, but it is thoroughly inconvienient. Looks like trip to ANZ is in store for me the next few days.

I haven’t a clue what happened to it. It is possibly roaming in Jess’s front seat of her car but I don’t like my chances of finding it again. Her car hasn’t been cleaned in quite a while. That or I dropped it – not likely. It’s not in my bag or my wallet and I did check multiple times as I am renound for always missing things on the first look.

My last accesible $’s went on a train ticket – money that was meant to be part of what I was paying Emma for todays driving lesson, so I had to underpay her (btw, did a mock sit my P’s test and I passed!). I was left with 80 cents to cover lunch. A woefully small ammount. You wouldn’t believe how annoying it is to be in a shopping centre with only 80cents to your name. Which is thoroughly insightful and points me out as being FAR too comfortable in my money earning, student, 1st world resident status. I am and should be ashamed.

I think I have this superpower of stopping toddlers dead in their emotional tracks. Really, I did it again! I just look at a kid’s face and they shutup and start smiling. Maybe I look strange or something.

I did not think it was possible to live out a lame joke, but today is proof otherwise. Okay so at work I’m meant to be available to help customers out and one of the ways I often approach them is, “Hi… can I give you a hand?” or thereabouts. A little bit of a bad habbit of mine rather than just, “Hi… can I help you?” I confess I’ve had a curious response or two. One old guy mentioned something about applause. However. I was meandering around being ‘available’ and I see this guy browising around. I nearly go up to him and ask him, “Hi can I give you a hand” when I notice that the guy only has one arm. Thankfully my mind pulled me up short and so prevented an embarassing if not humourous situation. Sometimes I severly lack tact. I didn’t end up asking him if he needed any help.

Tilla warned me today about how various colleagues (I suppose I should call them that)have been getting talkings to. Her included. I think almost everyone. Ie. they’ve (Manager/Boss/es) have been cranky lately for some reason. I hate having to feel on my guard all the time, you do your absolute best to do your best at doing what you are meant to be doing and they walk on by and find something wrong. Tilla thinks because I’m ‘newish’ that I might miss out on the ‘go out the back thing’ and actually appologised for getting me job there (warning bells?). Why they’ve gone all pedantic all of a sudden beats me. I do not know how long I’ll stay. I’ll probably give it a year max and then move on because I’m already getting bored’ish of it. Mmmm, no I didn’t say that! How long have I been there now? 3-4 months :\ Some days are good. Have to work 8hrs tomorrow. That shall be a bit painful. At the moment though work is paying for whatever car I end up getting, stuff for uni, my social life and pretty much most other beyond basics (advantages of living at home) things. Thus I’d better hang on to the job.

…maybe I’ll take over mum’s ebay books.

Dad and I went and sussed out a car today. Nissan Pulsar Vector (Sedan not hatch). Blue. I like it, feels nice to drive. Has reconditioned engine, not too bad nick for an old car, needs a road worthy though and the rego’s nearly gone. If they guy hasn’t sold by Sunday I might be getting it as he wants to sell by this weekend. Ie. We offered $500 less than the asking price of $2000 he’s not keen to take that if he can get more.

and now I’ll wander off and get stuck into my one TV addiction which returns tonight FINALLY. (satisfied and secret smilings) The Amazing Race. For an hour or so I can forget about if tomorrow will be bearable or not.

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