From Uni

Well I had to do one from here sometime.

I’m at uni. My last lecture finished half an hour early again, so I wasting time in some computer lab in building B.

Studio this morning came with a few new faces, those who either couldn’t find it last week, didn’t think it was on or swapped classes. Adrian (who is our course well person/guy who does everything) is away overseas so we had a replacement. Kathy (who was the person I’ve had excess contact with over the course in the past year). She’s slightly strange. Insanely happy for the morning as someone pointed out and utterly clueless really about what we were meant to be doing. Sussed out some stuff after I and a few others remembered an ‘activity’ left on the intranet. She left early and we were free to do pretty much as we pleased. Suited me.

Caught the 75 down to the VicRoads office, hung around waiting for 11:00. Went in and sat my Hazzard Perception. It wasn’t too bad, I wasn’t very nervous or anything. I did realise throughout at several points that I’d clicked at the wrong time (usually too early) but I was fairly sure I’d passed. And I did! Sure I only got 67% which is slightly disgraceful as it really wasn’t that difficult. The whole thing IMOH is utterly irrelevant and pointless to driver education. It’s simply another means of squeezing another fee from your student designed wallet. The interface is relatively ugly and the instructions take too long. /whinge

I got back in time for my last lecture. Principles of Interactive Media. Sat with Jen and one of the ‘new guys’ for studio, think his name is Guy.

You know when there are those individual that stand out a from the crowd for no particular reason, well there was this guy I noticed (and no don’t jump to the ‘ooh bec’ thinks he’s hot’ thing) from some of the pre/post-enrollment times and he appeared this morning in our studio class (after swapping). It’s thoroughly satisfying to work out someone’s name when that’s the case. Quite pleasing.

I really need to work out where the labs are that have Photoshop installed. This one unfortunately does not and so renders itself half useless.

Anyway that’s half the day up, another half hour spent another 20mins til the bus comes. I’m off to see Firewall tonight with some good (well they have to prove that :P) if not fairly rare company.

Now all I have to remember to do is to log off.

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