I usually take minimal interest in the Oscars, but was exceedingly happy to hear about Crash‘s upset take of best picture. It’s is a completely astounding and disturbing movie and it’ll do the rest of the western world good when they are tugged by simple curiousity to go and hire it out. Powerful messages around racism like this should not be lost in the alcoves of under-represented movies. Of course offer it an Oscar, it’s one way to get the word out there.

Talking about fantastic movies. Firewall which I saw this afternoon doesn’t quite qualify. It was good in that it was an easy watch despite still having some tense moments. I tend realise when movies aren’t that great when I simply can’t get so involved when it takes minimal effort to remind myself that it’ll all end up right as rain in the end. A useful techniques to employ in gruesome situations, still haven’t perfected them to deal with watching a horror – but then I have no desire to. When I go about this kind of mental gymnastic during exceptionally good movies it’s usually to force myself to stand back in order to deal with what I’m seeing. Nevertheless, it was good to catch up with Paul again. The director whoever he was truly let the audience down by the Lassie come home ending with the Alias style triumph, but oh well. Entertainment was not all meant to be thought provoking.

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