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Dear Blog readers,

Gloriously early start. Blergh to 6:00 wakings. Had my Principles of Interactive Media tute this morning. She is thinking of shuffling it backward one hour – so we start at 10. That would suit me JUST FINE! Parked Crackerjack style again. Thanks muchly to luskie who showed us that trick. Sorry to all the oldies who’s lawn bowl car spots we take. They truly hate P platers on Mondays, but as today is Wednesday and we were early…

Anyway, the tute was great! I got a tad lost finding the ‘studio’ room (which we are one of, if not the first class to use) but saw the lecturer of all people and so followed her, nothing like good timing. Jen and I turn out to be the only girls in that class, but it is small and four or five of the guys are Interactive Media people (and in our Studio class) so I at least know faces. About 15-20 of us all up.

Spent an hour doing an introducing thing, which was really helpful and made everyone relax and actually talk. It was quite funny when it came to some group work because of all the situations we had to come up with for a context and everyone went way overboard. The guy next to me came in late. I think his name was Muffaro (or similar) South African, 3rd year eCommerce, anyway he was utterly hilarious, one of those laughs that makes you laugh. So it was good morning.

Spent lunchtime with Guy and Jen on the lawn. This galah came up and started eating my lunch and then tired to climb up my leg, bit random.

Comparitive Imaging (which is digital stuff) was all on photoshop, so as the guy talked I just ignored him mostly and did some of the excercises he sent around via a CD, mainly playing around with Mac shortcuts. I do like my shortcut and I think I have it almost all worked out. I really don’t like not having a right mouse button though, or a scrolly wheel. Met Jeremy, who is a dwarf, and a nice guy. Helped some other girl with something computerish… really I am very surprised at how many people came into the course expecting something different, very few of them seem to know how to do the basics. Quite concerning.

Three hour workshop thing on photography. Where I met Adina who is Jewish and has been in Israel the past year, she was really nice. Jo an Indian girl who’s been in Australia only three weeks and has astoundingly good english and a Rebecca. Whom I introduced myself too with my name and she did a double take, “You know my name!” was quite funny.

Nearly fell asleep. The Lecturer talks quietly and uses no visual aids, which makes it very hard for me as I don’t do well with learning by just hearing things. He’s such a typical oldish photographer kind of guy, stovepipe black jeans, black sunnies, bald head. Nice enough, but three hours is a bit much. Mind you the subject matter was some history of photography so boring was well on the agenda.

Watched a documentry thing on American somethingorother photography which wasn’t too bad. Then question time afterwards about anything. Got to clarify something about my camera which is very good seeing as I have to use it very soon and it’s spiked my drink* with a bit of confidence.

We finished early. So I got a coffee from the ‘corner cafe’ which is really quite nice and waited for Jess. We hung out in there for an hour waiting for Isobelle to finish her classes. Had a massively interesting/deep conversation around a variety of topics, namely relationships. She dubbed me as being, “Almost too pragmatic to be female” which was very funny considering the context. It was a genuinely good d&m. Hope it happens more frequently.

Isobelle, Jess and I went to LaPorchettas on the way to Young Adults small group thing. It was okay, not great and they forgot to bring our water and gave Jess the wrong sized meal. Was a nice change from Sophias (next door) though. Late back to church, find out they’ve gone down to the lake, so we drove there.

Found them all. Went for a walk around the lake. Truly beautiful evening (See the photo at the top for evidence!). Got a footy kicked into the back of my legs about three times, thanks to a certain individual. Caught up with Susannah. The Car trip back had a curious incident (lets just say a certain someone we know mooned us) which made Laura really annoyed. It was pretty dumb of them. Oh well, they’ll probably feel like a fool if they think about it, or then again maybe he wont.

About 8 of us came back at McDonalds where we had the for(mis)tune to run into Hannah and co. She won her basketball grandfinal. Good for her 🙂 So weignored them after saying ‘congratulations’. Hung out for a good while.

Home. I don’t know if I’m working tomorrow as I left my phone at home today (fell out of my bag in the car) and I forgot to call up. So no sleepin for Bec. *cries waterfalls*

Goodnight all, or goodmorning just,
Love the pragmatic.

(btw, who are you? I think you’ve all multiplied into people I didn’t specifically invite to read this, its fine that you are but knowing you exist beyond an IP address would be courteous)

*sorry to report that such a drink does not exist, however it could be that I’m using a metaphor or a similie but it is late and I can’t be bothered remembering which is which. If you are truly interested you could look both words up at and then decide whether the drink is literal in the possible sense or simply a substitue for something much much greater.


  1. said:

    “I really don’t like not having a right mouse button though, or a scrolly wheel.”

    This is why you get a Mighty Mouse. It has a right mouse button and a scroll wheel (well, trackball or something cause it goes horizontal as well. It’s cool.) But yeah that’s the annoying thing about macs and i’m glad they fix it.

    March 9, 2006
  2. said:

    woo. i can post now.

    i tried this morning, but it didnt let me…

    i read this bec
    and the others

    and you couldnt stop me…

    March 9, 2006
  3. said:

    yeah, I read too Bec Hope that’s ok.

    See you next time I’m in sunny ol Melbourne town (lol)

    March 9, 2006
  4. said:

    yep thats fine 🙂

    March 10, 2006

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