Asleep at the wheel

I find myself as a bleary eyed, overtired vegetiable in front of a computer late at night yet again. Knowing that I’m having trouble hacking 11:30 has got to be saying something. I had to forgo my sleep-in this morning as I had absolutely no idea what work was doing. I beat my alarm anyway which was a good thing, waking up ‘naturally’ is something I’d far prefer to do. I called work, Simone let me know I was on at 11am, which reduced me from pressure cooker status, oh I sincerely doubt it reached that, but it was a nice feeling to know I didn’t have to rush.

Dad got me to come and look at some car in Lilydale. A 1993 Laser (silver) with a bit of body damage (you can cope with such things when 90% of your many uncles are mechanically inclined and own/work where they can utilize those abilities). Nice car, newer than anything I’d looked at. Done way too many km’s though and both Dad, my uncle and my cousin who happened to be at the workshop decided the motor was on its way out. Not worth the effort or $’s.

Work was pretty good, maybe because the manager is away sick at the moment. Ho hum.

Went and checked out another car this evening, again in Lilydale. An old ladies car, in fantastic nick and very low km’s – quite a contrast to this mornings. So old-ladyish that it was light blue haha. I refuse to say powder blue even if it is true because that phrase makes no sense at all to me. A Ford Meteor or something of the sort. Had a lot of rego left and the guy was getting the roadworthy done, slightly on the upper of my price range though and no power steering.

If he had come down in price a bit more I would have sacrificed my pathetic wrists for a half decent car. I like the idea of pain free driving a bit too much. It’s not a problem all the time, not even the majority of the time, but I’ve experienced bad RSI and you really can’t do a whole lot. My wrists and shoulders suck the fact that I can crack my neck without hardly trying at the moment does not impress me.

So I’ll keep being patient, wait for something suitable to come up, consider loaning money off Dad so I can get something better (in the sense that it has the bare minimums of what I’m after) and in the meantime work more which can only help in the dollar stakes.

I have too many things I need to be doing tomorrow. Sleep would be brilliant. Emma will be here by 8:20 so I can perfect (cough) those oddly useless driving manouvres. I mean, come on, who ever does that thing that I can’t remember the name of right now – where you start out one metre from the curb and back so you are parking properly with your wheels on the gutter, lined up with a tree nonetheless. Ah well. Tuesday’s the telling day.

So no sleep-in again. Bed right now. Everything else pales in consequence… or significance even.

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  1. said:

    Point-to-point reverse? Comes in handy, you know!

    Hurry up and buy a car!

    March 10, 2006

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