Still kicking the wall

How to convey my annoyance?

Well. Stupid Rebecca did not check how much RAM she had. So she couldn’t install Photoshop.

Techonology is the blackhole of wallets. More RAM should be here in a few days. How annoying. I do not feel like being patient today and I do not appreciate having to spend more money. It had to happen, but still.

I managed to steal a sibling for a photo or two, but Emily can’t run very fast and I doubt the others could either (don’t ask) so I can’t do the last bit, need to wait for Dad or someone (hey Sam?) to ride a bike past me. It’s also still too bright to use the shutter speed specified for about four of the shots. Stupid assignment.

The aspect of non-digital that I really hate is how you can’t see if the photos turned out how you wanted them to until you finish the damn roll and get it processed. By then if you’ve screwed anything up you’ve wasted about $20. One day I’ll get myself a digital SLR but until then I’m stuck with two very mediocre cameras, each not quite what I’d like. Not that I have a choice with this unit. Bah to down the line old fashioned photographers.

I am minutely stressed. That’s under exaggerating. Sam I will be maybe sending a ‘Get down here’ message your way later this evening or tomorrow morning…. but at the moment you’re out 🙁

Tonight I will scrounge some dinner, find a DVD and pig the chocolate. Any one want to keep me company? What a frustrating day and what happened to all the time?


  1. said:

    sure bec.

    just let me know…

    as long as i can have some form of sleep, its all good…
    and riding a bike?!

    March 10, 2006
  2. said:

    I would have come over if I’d known! hmmm.. I wonder if there;s a back way to Lilydale from Bendigo?

    March 11, 2006

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