Ah such a let down for you to return to the day absent All Said and Done and find a crappy quiz result, which would mean you truly care about what goes on in here. Whether you found it so or not is entirely up to you and I don’t really mind as I somehow think I write a lot of this for my own pleasure. In reality one day skipped, (Or was it two?) hardly seems significant in the blogosphere. That particular quiz result resulted from one very fried brain, although how that came to be I’m not so sure. All that saying, heres another HINT to comment a bit more than just once in every little while. Something with a bit of substance, a thought, a point, a criticsim (Not just of my spelling or grammar) would be extremely good.

Although I write primarily for myself, it does gives a vague satisfaction to think one or two people might actually be enjoying this. I know each of you, whether you enjoy it or not has a big slab of unsaid advice and wisdom in you, even if you don’t really know me that well. If you don’t know me at all it would be common courtesty to drop me a line somewhere to say you who you are. A taste of your wisdom would be welcome anytime. Besides comments keep interest alive both for me and I hope for others. Blogs generally have readers funnily enough. Keeping this vaguely interactive is one of the reasons this stuff simply doesn’t end up in a Word document or into a journal. The other reason is that I get shocking RSI whenever I journal on paper extensively but that’s completely beside the point!

“So Bec, where have you been for the past day? I noticed there was no blog for yesterday, that’s a bit unusual!” *sheepish look*

Friday afternoon my fine family ferried themselves forward to the YVV church family camp up in Belgrave and left me at home free of constraints. This was of course entirely by my own doing. After my thoroughly stressful day or so, which I now think was somewhat self inflicted, I needed some time. I decided I couldn’t cope with tenting or caravanning it in close proximity to others without a decent sleep first.

The morning came without that desired sleep in. However I had managed to get onto Sam who said she’d rescue me and help me out. So I got breakfast as much ready as I could and she came bearing eggs so we had a big lot of scrambled eggs on toast. Some talking followed and a goodly bit of mental screaming at the sun (that was all me) for being too bright and not bright enough when I was trying to take the last lot of photos. Sam, I owe you.

After more scouting via phone, I ended up deciding to take the stupid slides to Croydon on my way up to Belgrave. I think I reached the ‘beyond’ caring point. I did email my tutor and the unit chair. According to the unit chiar, It’s apparently okay to work it out with the tutor. Note to self: Kim Corbel (who would be my photog. tutor) does not respond or probably even read his emails as frequently as he should. There you go, Bec’s first assignment is going to be late.

Sam watched me amusedly as I ran around doing every little last thing, stole some books and then left for home with me as I made my way up the bus. Croydon, dropped off the film. They were kind enough to make a note to get it back by Thursday for me, which is a day sooner than expected which made me happy. I had a bit of time to kill so I wandered down to the out of the way rather good little clothes shop and tried a variety of mostly impractical things on, the lady who owns the place is nice, helpful and perfectly happy for you to do so. Nothing I liked enough or I really needed.

Trained it up to Belgrave. Had a lazy hour or so sitting in this beautiful afternoon on my own reading a perfectly morbid Dorian Gray. It was holiday weather. Had a talk to God about what the time up on the camp was going to be for… I requested a continuation on the, ‘knowing God’ thing, as that has been a bit predominant lately.

Tagged to one of the workshop things around 4pm. Entirely practical I guess, people in the church sharing ‘skills’ or offering up their time to show others how to do something. From pilates to tap dance to something on sailing to some hair one. Quite hilarious and I think a little of a waste of time if you don’t count the relationship building over it (how you do that in Pilates I don’t quite know). Anyway none of the really interested me but I figured I’d find my little sisters down at the hair one and seeing as I was being a loner in that I hadn’t managed to run into anyone yet I decided to go. Came out with my hair straightened (Yes I do have pretty straight hair normally) and having met some of the other older ladies whom I would not have met so soon or at all otherwise.

The evening was good. Laura showed up after work, ran into some of the Young Adults. Session was excellent. Some aspects of ‘who God is’ came up so I thought that was pretty cool. Notably something on God not being quantifiable.

I had this really strange moment near the end of the session where I’d realised I’d drempt about it. Briefly but not a dejavu moment (Samantha!) because I remember thinking about the dream after I’d had it.

Went down to the cafe, horribly named Gig and Bits. Sat with Dan and James and Laura and later Geoff. Madeline Coutanseau can sing amazingly (know her from childhood days)! Dan (not yits one) and Steve were pretty good (with Dan singing), as was erm whoever else sang… Some pretty nice chai tea and muffins.

I was just in bed when Steve called me out to what I found was a quite hilarious way to meet someone. “Yeh I’ll ask Bec she’s pretty cool” (Bec’s mind: “Oh, thanks Steve, wow didn’t expect to ever hear that from you, what the heck is this all about?”) “Hey Bec, _ needs to talk to you!” (Bec’s mind: “Right, _, the _ I know, err okay I supose I’ll get out, but why?”) Bec’s voice: “Um okay”.

I would like money for every time I have to give advice. It was slightly ludicrous where I found myself this time because I was outside in the dark, barefoot and in my pj’s giving calming down this person I’d never been introduced to before. Steve did this hurried intro and left with his mate Sam “laughing all the way, ha ha ha”. It wasn’t the _ I know, but the other _. He had told Han he liked her. NB. he’s what, 3 years older. And said it had just come out of his mouth, he wasn’t in a good spot for it etc… he was honestly worried, highly concerned. So I did my best letting him know it was going to be okay and Hannah’d be right and I’d talk to her when I got a chance if that was ok. She’d let him know with an, “Uh I’m a bit young for you.” (which had me mentally cheering) But yeh I think he was fairly crushed and just annoyed hugely at himself for blurting out something he hadn’t meant to say.

A group of the young adults went down into Belgrave to The Green Bean for breakfast. I ate way too much food and it cost a bit much, but it was great. Talked a bit with _ (of the night before) funny the random bonds you have with people after something crazy like that. Jess came up for a bit and then choofed off to work again.

Morning Bible study. Again excellent then later ‘church’ with testimonies instead of a sermon. After lunch I ended up heading down to the beach with Dan, picked up his little brother Matthew on the way and a friend from school – Beth and later Lauren (Matt’s sort psuepo). Dan’s house is utterly amazing, the view is spectacular, overlooks Cardinia Resevoir and all the way to the bay. Million dollars couldn’t buy it. I got along well with Beth which was a good thing as there ended up being no one else there that I knew aside from Cameron and Dan. So Elwood beach it was, which is just further down from St. Kilda beach. A hot but fun afternoon. Got to swim, properly which was a brilliant change. I did however have to go in my clothes which was a pain but ah well.

BBQ just off the beach later on. Kicked a soccer ball around. Went for a walk/ride/blade along the shore (on the path) as it was dark. The cool change showed up around 9:30 and this massive lot of wind came in really suddenly. I’m beginning to really like these freak weather changes in Melbourne. Both their driving is quite…um…. male P plater’ish. Cam is by far the worst, absolute hoon. Bit disconcerting.

Got back to Belgrave Heights. I went down and caught more of the cafe/gig thing. Dan and Beth had left. Everyone was sort of spread out rather than around tables. It was a good night.

Just in the tent yet again. When we hear people run up and yank all out tent poles out and shake it so the whole thing comes down on us. I lay there laughing while Laura managed to get out and we put the thing back up again.

In the morning, I guessed it was Steve and co. So I went and hassled him for doing so – turns out it wasn’t him (yeh good one Rebecca) so had to appologise to him this evening. We think Dan and Cameron showed up for a visit as they live reasonably near-by and might just do something like that.

Uni was a 1pm. Got the train to BoxHill. Use the wrong ticket, I was a zone short. Waited ages and ages in the cold for a bus. A case of the blind leading the blind. Finally a connex guy came and said, “No, go get that one” (I didn’t actually see him, as I went to grab some lunch but yeh). So got another bus, had to walk down Burwood Highway and got to my lecture in plenty of time. Not after running into Jeremy (whom I met last week in my tute) and so sat with him and Jen.

Home via same alternate bus route, which let me get the earlier train, so I REALLY like that discovery. And onward ho, back to normal living.

Am watching Crash again in a moment with Larue (Laura) and Dad. Oh yes. Prayer would be rather good as I shall be having my driving test tomorrow at 11am. Minimal nerves would be ideal. Mind you a few would be useful so that I’m over cautious on the speeding thing 😛

Next time I write a blog I promise I will have my licence. So if I fail, you shan’t be hearing from me for a while… maybe self punishment is not the smartest way to go about it.


  1. Sammy said:

    Hey bec!!
    I always read your blog!!!
    I dont usually comment cos I dont know if its valid or not
    Anyway, have a great day, and good luck on your P’s!
    Love Sammy

    March 14, 2006
  2. said:


    I drop by from time to time, ever since Paul linked you from his blog (not that long ago). Blame him!


    March 14, 2006
  3. said:


    you have some blog lurkers bec.

    and you better blog soon..

    and tell us how you went with the test!

    im all excited!

    March 14, 2006
  4. said:

    I read every post. Actually I checked in here to read the driving test story first thing tonight. I haven’t even gone to Gush yet. Feel privileged. 😛


    P.S. Bec is smarter than Travis and knows the link is there.

    March 14, 2006
  5. said:

    This post has been removed by the author.

    March 15, 2006
  6. said:

    PS: I know Bec knows the link is there.

    Paul knows this too, but as usual Paul tries to start an argument, for the sake of starting an argument…..

    Were you on the front cover of THE LOG again this week?

    March 15, 2006
  7. said:

    Yes I know you dislike eachother _immensely_ 😛 do behave around here though.

    the log? would that have some reference to the es. baps terminology that I’ve had a vague intro to?

    March 15, 2006
  8. said:

    Haha no Bec. At Ridley College “The Logs’ Association” is the THEoLOGical students’ body. They produce a weekly newsletter called THE LOG, one recent edition of which features my good looks in one of the photos.

    As for ‘essbapts terminology’, Travis actually isn’t allowed to use LOG. He just started copying his older brother and often uses it out of context. Oh, well. The poor dear.

    March 16, 2006
  9. said:

    If no one was allowed to copy anyone else, life would be rather boring. Look at all the stuff we’d be missing out on. Take music, for example……

    So, Yes, I am allowed to use the expression “LOG” to describe Pauly, and just because the name didn’t originate from me doesn’t make it any less valid.

    It’s all about taking the best from people. One of my brothers finest moments was the moment when he thought “I shall hereby name him LOG”

    :-P. Its all good. Lets all keep focusing on the content of Paul’s self-described favourite website.

    March 16, 2006

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