Zero alcohol tolerance

Yes you guessed right, Rebecca is now loose on the roads.

Had a pre-lesson before the test so Emma ran me through a few last things and made me practice various manouvres. I ended up having to do a point-to-point. Which I think I managed fairly well. I was fairly calm (more so than I would’ve even thought). After we got out of the car, Emma informed me that the tester was one of the stricter ones. This was fairly obvious when I got the pink sheet back and it had a two marks against turning and against indicating (which wasn’t a problem). Neither E nor I know why that’s there. It matters not though. I passed! 😀

They made me take off my glasses for my photo so its a tad strange, but not any where near as horrible as my learners. Good thing no one ever has to see that one again.

A celebratory lunch from The Bunker at Deakin by my ownsome. A phone call and a few messages to those worth it 😛 and those who wished me luck. I missed the first part of my back to back double lecture as my memory didn’t serve me well enough and I rocked up at 1 instead of 12. Woops. It matters not. Everything should be up online – according to the others I didn’t miss much.

Went and got a keycard for The Studio. So I now have access to it, which is where I have been for the whole afternoon and am right now.

I’ve been working on some assignment we have to do in photoshop but the computers have decided to hate me so I’ve given up until tomorrow. You’d think it would cope with a 40mb file. But NO! I really hate computers sometimes.

I’m about to walk up to Dominos and order some pizza so it’ll be ready when Jess shows up then I think she wants to head to a movie (free) which suits me. 5:30 I’m off.


  1. Sammy said:

    I get my full liscence next week!!!

    Go south australians!!

    Anyways, congrats, Bec! Hope you come and visit Dawn and I soon 😀

    Missing you even though I almost barely know you

    March 14, 2006
  2. said:

    woohoo! i’m one of the few that are worth it!

    March 14, 2006
  3. said:

    *sniff* and im not one who is worth it. that makes me feel so good about myself you know bec.. rude!

    and congrats btw! 😀

    March 14, 2006
  4. said:

    woops sorry sam 😛 sort of forgot. I msged the people I said I would and those who asked and maybe one or so that didn’t… lumdeda. um I’ll drive you somewhere sometime (that make it all good :P?)

    March 14, 2006
  5. said:

    Anyone who gets their P’s deserves a big congratulations.


    March 15, 2006

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