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“Where’s your daily blog post?” – John

Before I spit today onto paper a brief back track to yesterday afternoon. I walked up the road to Dominos and ordered pizza the way you’re meant to have it, which means PINEAPPLE and CHICKEN (and something a bit different on Jess’s half) waited for her. Then there was this massively memorable moment of having a very interesting talk in the car while stuffing our hungry mouths full of pizza, while Jess is driving of course and probably bopping (I dont know any other way to explain it) to whatever music she prefered. Anyway as that was a memorable moment I figured I’d better put it down somewhere so I wouldn’t forget.

Today bought 7 hrs straight of uni. Which, despite the reasonable nature of all three classes, is painfully long and pretty tiring. Wednesday shall have to become coffee day. The Corner Cafe has my full patronage after 5pm. The good thing about Wednesdays now is that my tute was shifted back one hour, so the 10 o’clock start is fractionally more blissful than the 9. Unfortunately this also means I get no lunchbreak until I can bolt out of class in the ‘semi-break’ around 3pm to stuff my face full of food (aside from a museli bar or two which I consume while I’m not being observed, as the room is not meant to be food friendly).

Tute 1. Bought a 25 minute delay to even get the door open. So we all hung around outside sort of talking. Tutor of course did not have a key/swipe.

Tute 2. Bought a weary hello to Jeremy and Zoe (whom I met today) a 3rd year Pro Writing student. Lucky girl. I was loading a photoshop file while class was going on, it took over half an hour and multiple restarts (this is on a Mac) stupid computers. It finally behaved and I compressed it immediately whereby it behaved.

Tute/Worshop 3. Sat with Rebecca and Adina. Painful painful watching everyone show their slides for assignment 1 and hear him talk through all the mistakes. Painful because there were SO many people who had entirely missed that appetures and shutterspeeds actually relate to eachother. Had my break, met Lucas whereby we discussed the tedium of 3hrs and the, “Have you done photography before” type stuff. No problem that I couldn’t show mine today there were about 8 others in the same boat. Slides should be ready tomorrow.

Drove by myself tonight. Not too far, just up to the video shop. I tried seeing if I could catch up w/ various people but they were all either not home or occupied. Emily came with me to ‘choose’. I like it 😀 Freedom.

Tomorrow I’m stealing (with permission) Laura’s car and heading to work then I have to work out how to get to Croydon to go pick up those slides.

RAM came. I have now got a fast computer and Photoshop! I’m a happy chapp..girl.

I watched When Harry Met Sally by myself and for the first time (yes I know it’s really old), simply upon whim. Aside from the 80’s hair and fashion and the unattractiveness of the actors it was quite a good movie, romantic comedy wise. Interesting theories 🙂

I feel far too busy.


  1. said:

    Welcome to freedom 🙂

    March 16, 2006
  2. said:

    Did you see that movie in my blog profile?

    March 16, 2006
  3. said:

    i should have come with you bec…

    hows about tomorrow afternoon 😛

    March 16, 2006
  4. said:

    once upon a time I think paul, but I have some vague idea someone reccomended it to me. Just one of those sitting in the back of your head on the ‘to watch sometime’ list. That and The Misson, which I tried in vain to find and couldn’t.

    March 16, 2006

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