Stranger words

I really enjoy curious ways of meeting people. Today’s episode was no exception.

I had 10 minutes before work started at 5pm. So I grabbed a choc hot cross bun from the bakery as I was heading up and found a seat near some food place downstairs from work. I was there about two minutes and this Asian girl comes up to me, “Can you help me?”. She has a workbook with a fairly basic crossword and is pointing out the ones she needs. It turns out that it’s her son’s homework that she’s helping him with. She didn’t look that old, early-mid twenties. Her english was passable but not fantastic. So we end up doing some of the crossword which was mostly done and some word fill in the blank things. Weird bonding moment with a stranger.

I got her name just as I left. Michelle. She works at the asian food place right near where I was sitting. I hope I can remember her face so I can say hello sometime.

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