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Before I do any explanation whatsoever about last night, important news must be shared.

I have a car! A 1986 Corolla CSX hatch (seca? however you spell that). For $900. Of a guy needing to get rid of it fast as going overseas. Needs a little work. No roadworthy, no rego and done a lot of km’s. But otherwise in pretty good shape. I wont be driving it for a while as Dad’s heading off overseas. My uncle has kindly volunteered to put it in his factory and get it all up to scratch so should be minimal $’s. The car was originally priced at $2000 (with Rego) and without was dropping to $1500… but then Dad did his negoitating which didn’t really take much. He should’ve asked for $800 😛 I don’t think the guy knew too much about cars he seemed like a decent kind of guy though.

So it’s a bit of a bomb 😛 It was always going to be. It has got power steering. Hasn’t got fantastic guts, but it’ll get me from A to B when it’s roadworthy.

This is very good.

oh, and the all important colour info: RED
and no I don’t have a photo for you yet.


  1. SAMMY said:


    Go the carollas! Good cars! I have one myself!

    You roch, Bec!

    March 19, 2006
  2. said:

    Finally! Enjoy your freedom…when you get to drive it :p

    March 20, 2006
  3. said:

    glad you got it becs

    and for less than the lower price too…


    March 20, 2006

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