It’s my birthday and I’ll whatever

So how’d the birthday go?

Up early for uni, running on about four and a half hours of sleep which is my own stupid fault. Studio this morning was quite enjoyable. I was met with a “Happy Birthday” from Jen who remembered. Jess however didn’t remember (we carpool) so I got this phone call this morning, “Can you be there early because of xyz” to which I gave her a flat no and showed up when I was supposed to, which means not early. I think I’m one of the very few people who will do that and I think it always sort of suprises her. So she was a bit of grump, asked me to drive then I mentioned I didn’t have the car with me. Her dad had her car so we sorted out that mess, and I reminded her of the date, whereby she was nice. Strange girl.

I had lunch with Jen and Huw. Ran in to Katelyn Nixon, said hello, then Luskie ran into me on his way from a maths lecture. So I introduced him and chatted with him for a bit.

I had a bit of a conversation somehow with Jen and Huw around RE in schools and how its always tied up with sex-ed. A little random but quite interesting. It put the Christian thing (ie: “I am one”) out there. Which is sort of good.

SIT lecture was on colour and finished almost an hour early much to everyones relief as the hoardes were quite restless. This meant I left early and went to Eastland to get photos printed.

No more Kmart processing for me. They are okay, but not fantastic. Some can be seen here on flickr. Oh yes, did I mention that she misquoted the original price and I returned expecting to pay $9 for the lot, whereby she asks for $18 something so I refuse to buy the CD then she still charges me about $3 more than she should have. I was sick of complaining and so left it and just paid the $10 for the 24 prints in order to get the bus on time.

The bus took 20 minutes longer than normal, I even got off the stop before the one at the top of my road and walked the extra distance before it was anywhere in sight. Not impressed. School kids are so…. well lighting a lighter and holding it in your mouth, now thats just real smart. They can’t help themseleves swinging and yelling and swearing and throwing things.

Laura got a rose delivered here this morning. Quite funny when you consider John lives on the other side of the world. She was thrilled. Kudos to him, big kudos – its about time I see a bit of romance going on there… okay beyond the constant emailing and phoning and plane trips. Oooh am I glad she doesn’t read this!

It was a good birthday. Different in many ways, but aren’t they always. Finished it up by going out to dinner with Mum and Laura (Dad gets back tonight) at Royal which is a minute fairly local Indian/Nepolease restaurant. Ate far too much. I’m not usely the biggest curry fan, but it was rather good. I’m still full.

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  1. said:

    i completely concur about the annoying school kids on the bus.
    you should have caught the train to lilydale, and then the bus. by the time you would have gotten there most of the school kids would have gone.

    try catching the bus with them every morning, and pushing yourself out of the door becuase they all stand around in the bus and dont move…

    and the conversations i overhear… hilarious really…

    *note to self* dont take other bus (663) home on school afternoons. goes to a school and picks up even more kids and is much later than the other (normal 679) bus…
    but you can drive yourself now, you dont need to catch the bus everywhere…

    April 5, 2006

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