What to say.

Someone please temporarily maim me, I really really don’t want to work tomorrow. Full 8 hour shift, a late night one on Friday and another on Saturday. I’m going to be, ok I already am entirely stuffed after this first half of the week. I could ‘fake a sickkie’ as they say, but I think my conscience would pelt me with rotton fruit. I tend not to realise I’ve crashed until I do however reasonable that sounds.

Tomorrow my manager gets to hear the lovelys of, “I refuse to work more than on two days as I actually do have uni and homework and a life”. That and I need an entire weekend off for the Young Adults camp thing later in April. I’m not scared they’ll fire me, because frankly they can’t afford to they are that short staffed. To be honest I wouldn’t really mind if they did. I guess they can treat me like crap if they dont’ like it, but hey if it comes down to that at least I’ve got a legimate reason to quit.

Positive Bec, real positive.

On the whole, “look I’m 20 and I’m still and forever frustratedly single” is a mindset that I get stuck in every odd while (and thankfully get over really fast) its a really stupid place to sit in. Sometimes I very badly would like that other person whoever he happened to be but if I ever approached a relationship from that position then things would’ve gone down the gurgler before they even started, relationships should not be primarily about the ‘me’. Maybe this is a ‘note to self’ or/and a rant. What was I saying? Oh yeah, It really really sucks being single sometimes.

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  1. said:

    so you say being single sucks

    has life always sucked, if not whats changed?

    what makes being single ‘really really suck[-s]’?

    April 5, 2006
  2. said:

    Why does it suck?

    April 5, 2006
  3. said:

    so bec, what does that mean for saturday night?
    are you going to be able to drive?

    and being single sucks sometimes, but most of the time its rather fun.
    you have enough single friends for it to not suck that much 😛

    April 6, 2006

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