When a gift is not a gift

I recieved this email today from World Vision:

A drastic food shortage threatens the lives of more than 15 million people in sub-Saharan Africa, nearly half of them small children.

World Vision, the Christian relief and development organization, has partnered with Provident Music Group to offer the new WOW Worship Aqua double CD set AT NO ADDITIONAL COST to anyone who gives a gift of $20 or more.

Thanks to grants from the U.S. government, your gift will more than double in impact to help provide food to children and families in sub-Saharan Africa! The need is urgent, please respond now!

This isn’t giving. This is a sad attempt at addressing our greed. Now whoever gets this email also gets an ethical dillema. Do I help or is it playing into the hands of, I’m helping because I’m getting something out of it?

Just slap on a little more irony, the CD is a ‘worship’ cd! Yes, so what? Well… shouldn’t we be doing justice and loving kindness without requiring something, shouldn’t we be giving and helping as an act of worship? But no that’s right, worship is singing songs to God because he gets the warm fuzzies.

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