Wrap up

On a more pleasing note. Work was quite bearable today. Lots to do. Saw Dan (of the bongos variety) as he works upstairs from me and tends to waste time in Dymocks now and then. Had lunch with Anton (Jan’s dad and my dad’s good friend). Quite strange having lunch with someone from that well sphere. Somehow got on to talking about Jan and Warren, then go figure, he asks me if there was any ‘someone’ in my life atm. Uh, no. Quite funny in a way.

Saw The Inside Man tonight with Jess. Rather good. I did slightly not clue into something rather important at the end but hey, nothing like going with someone who was paying close attention. Good movie though, one part I’d rather have not seen as it was slightly disturbing. I shant give any away however, go see it for yourself.

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