Oh no, daily recountings, not again!

Unpredictable morning. I wake up and rouse Hannah too early for her liking. Discover my phone is missing and don’t think too much more of it/ I am pushing various individuals to hurry up so I wont be late for my 90% probable work shift then I get a phonecall. Someone named Eddie has found my phone and was decent enough to call me. It seems it fell out of my bag or something last night outside of church. He says he’s in the timber-yard (which is next door) and says come pick it up. So one minute later I’ve stolen Laura’s car. I rock up watching the time and wander hesitantly in, “Um, is there an Eddie here, he found my phone this morning?”

I get called, ‘love’ and get taken on a tour to go and find E who is way down the back. They were all rather nice, it was just a bit odd to be wandering around a strange place so early in the morning. Sure enough phone is now safe within my posession again. Bizarre that he found it, it would’ve been lying lost and lonely in the middle of a carpark.

I drive back home and try the speed limit just a little. I was ten minutes late to work – but I was working so it wasn’t a big waste of my time. Worked 8hrs. Had lunch with the little blister and bongos Dan (who works in the Pancake Parlour above Dymocks). Saw Adam Gaissl of all people. He’s been in QLD the past few years. I did my Multimedia Cert. with him (only other one from my school) so we got to know eachother a bit. That saying I’ve had no contact with him for at least 2.5years, quite strange. I also saw/met the mature age student in my photography tute. She was going through her cards when I was serving her, I spotted a student card, looked up and recognised her face and asked. How random.

My chin is bruised, my hip is bruised etc… Yeah like black bruise (or blue) not too big, but still visible if you look. How did you do that Bec, its a weird spot to have a bruise? My jaw is kind of sore too but thats beside the point. I can blame it all upon the game thing we somehow got coerced into last night at small group. Moving pathways, ie: everyone lies on stomach’s close together and person at the end (there was about 20 of us at least) rolls over along top of them all. Hilarious stuff. Bit painful with the heavy people and laughing really hard because it was all so stupid. I landed and thumped my chin on the floor – real smart. Hence why the jaw does not quite feel normal and other odd bruising. There was of course absolutely no point to the ‘activity’, I think Peter was reliving his youth group days through us (yes he did have a go). So I can now state I have had full bodily contact with almost everyone there- that sounds haha so wrong, I think that’s why its amusing to say.

My car is now roadworthy (which of the actual test, got done for free :P). It’s cost me about $180 all up to get it to that point, which is SO unbelieveably good. I shall be registering it next Friday and still have to mosey on down and get insurance from wherever I end up getting that from and probably take it to Henry to get it ‘tuned up’. Oh the lovelys, its’ worth about double what I paid for it! It wont be ready to take down to Torquay, but hey it’s getting there.

Had an extremely long chat to Jess D on the phone. It’s been ages since I’ve caught up with her, coordinating dates (particularly from my end) always proves to be difficult so there is now part of a weekend shoved in a couple weeks down the track. Hooray!

NB to self, to write more about the Holy Spirit stuff when I am less tired.


  1. said:

    what are you going to torquay for? & when?
    also just out of interest… what time is the pancake parlour in eastland open til? (if you happen to know)

    April 14, 2006
  2. said:

    torquay for young adults camp not this weekend but next and the pancake palour is usually open late b/c it’s right near the movies.

    April 14, 2006

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