Entropy and aching

Audio from the Age website by Rev. Kevin Rietveld (whom we know rather well) on the riots in Honiara.

Read the current article here.

I bet the Honiara Hotel’s burnt to the ground.

In my last post forgot to mention why China Town in particular has been targeted. Again it has to do with bribery and wealthy business owners – who are often Chinese. Quite simple really. Some say it might have been intentionally planned by someone in a power position. Whatever the case, it’s not good. Not many of our fellow SITAG’ers are over there at the moment, just the Ashely’s – the others are out in their villages and shall be staying there for sometime I should think. The Rietvelds are there but they live far enough out, I hope that for the sake of those of us over here that Uncle Kevin (not literal uncle) will continue updating Australia.

This reminds me a small way of what we dubbed Ground Zero (see photo) and the burning expats car on the way home from Emily Mudges, the day we had to get police escorted.

As said, it’s a different kind of violence this time. I don’t know how the Aussie troops are going to help things. More like build further resentment.

Honiara’s burning, honiara’s burning
Fetch the engine, it’s probably broken down
Fire, fire,
Riot, riot
pour on water,
pour on Sol Brew

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  1. Laura said:

    Sorry to be commenting on posts written long ago…but I read your version of “London’s Burning” and half laughed half cried. Hard to explain but your song captures it exactly.

    May 7, 2006

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