Departing markedly from the usual or customary; extreme

Ha, where to start? A funny old day. Jess’s car failed to start this morning, so I got to show off mine, it’s extreme lack of guts and subjected the poor girl to some Relient K which happened to be the only CD I had in my car. What a glorious change!

We a substitutor *cough* this morning as the normal tutor was away. Dare I say, we actually did some work. I quite enjoyed the stronger direction of the class, but there would be the J coming out in me. We did have to make flip-books in looking at animation concepts and it felt all very primary school in cutting up bits of red cardboard. I was extremely artistic and made a square move up and down. One of the guys, Ben is a leftie (left-handed) and I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone so mutilate a piece of cardboard that unintentionally before. Of course I couldn’t resist commenting and so ended up doing his cutting as ‘pay’.

I simply cannot see what makes conceptual art worthwhile. Having to watch yet another documentry on a guy with whacked ideas while the tutor wanders off to do their own stuff is mildly infuriating.

I’m struggling a fair bit in my course actually in relating to what I can actually do, how I can benefit the world through something like multimedia. I’m sure there is something, but it feels drastically pointless. Needless to say I have not so far been inspired and talking about conceptual art further dampens any lasting light. I am seriously considering the option of changing courses by the end of the year. Please, please give me something I can use my head in. I am so sick of bludgy classes, indefinite deadlines and half learning things that don’t really interest me.

I and roughly four others showed up to the photography tute and soon got the distinct impression it wasn’t going to be ‘on’. I double checked and sure enough it wasn’t. We disipated. I ran into Bec on the way out and let her know what was happening, then called Jess who was in the middle of a tute.

An hour to kill, which = lunch. Such a rarity on Wednesdays! I succumbed to buying something and had settled down to be a loner with a library book, SUCH A NERD, when Jen and her friend Hannah noticed me. So much for the book.

Talk about strange conversations. I was talking a bit with God this morning about conversational opportunies and sure enough… never ask for something you aren’t willing to really get. Both are MLC girls (Methodist Ladies College) and eventually talk wound it’s way around to denominations. I have been trying to be as honest as I can about where I am coming from, I just hate it when I lack the knowledge to answer say, the difference between Presbyterian and Anglican. It’s not exactly the kind of distinction I’ve sat down to look at. Curiously, both girls treated denominations as totally different religions, which is something I did sort of set straight or erm, at least mentioned. I did get the, “Are you a Christian Christian, or an Anglican type of Christian?”. Vineyard is a frustrating denomination to explain, and hey being a transient MK I’ve been to everything from AOG to Bretheren.

Come to think of it, I was talking to Rhys and Ben this morning about theology, “What’s that?” and religion as I was explaining what I’d done last year. It surprises me that religion is such a ‘big thing’ to talk about at uni, people don’t mind it at all and we’re so freakishly post-modern that everything’s okay. What’s good for you is good for you.

Hannah soon bought up another common female topic of conversation. Relationships. I got asked the inevitable to which I gave the honest, ‘Alas and nay’ and then she very kindly tagged the, “Ever had to turn anyone down?” question on the end. Remind me again the reasons I avoid such games like truth and dare. Anyway, It turns out I’m not such a weird one, Jen has never done the boyfriend thing before either although (ergh this sounds harsh but its’ not meant to) um, I dare say my reasons a slightly different then hers. After the Christian comment I also had to take the very direct, “What about abstinence and stuff like that?”. Which was kind of cool because I don’t mind saying that I want to save sex until I’m married.

Another leap was made to, “What about kissing?”, as they both knew someone that was carrying the abstience thing down those lines. I am rather glad I have worked this one out. I never was very definite about the whole idea of not kissing until my wedding day and although there is some kind of aura around the notion, I really don’t think it’s necessary. Kissing should definitely not be something you enter into lightly. I think it’s another way of showing affection – okay it’s probably more than that, in a relationship. I would not like to find myself kissing someone I didn’t have some kind fairly strong commitment to.

Curious conversations.

Jess wagged her last tute and we ran into Isobelle, so we all went off to see V for Vendetta. I am slightly regretting seeing it now. It was good, but far too violent.

Jessies’ make THE BEST Satay chicken pizza in the world, add a bit of pineapple and you have a a gormet means by which to stuff your face while you’re sitting in your car stinking it out. Didn’t dare take it inside, or there would’ve been no leftover to speak of, let alone eat.

Pete got us talking about the word radical, split us into three groups and fed us questions: Define radical? What makes you radical? What is a being a radical Christian? I found it started becoming a bit of a ‘get to know you thing’ when we had to talk about the second which is not exactly a bad thing. It’s really hard to work out what makes you radical. Try it out and tell me, otherwise I’ve got a new conversation starter and I’ll get to you eventually. Back into a big group and had some good discussion around the collective thoughts.

Kat and I got talking about blogging, she said a certain other person (present) blogs and asked for mine, which I was perfectly happy to give her. Anyway, we drifted up the road to Macca’s after and I was talking to him about it (blogging) note: I did not ask for his blog-address.

Tonight when I got home I did something extremely stupid. “Google is your friend” All the time I was telling myself, “Don’t you dare Rebecca! You wouldn’t like it, don’t do it!” and I went and found it. Now I feel traitorous and rather bad and so will have to get to him asap to apologise. I am quite embarassed actually. I shall not read it until I get permission and I certainly don’t deserve it. It was very stupid and I rather regret it, because despite not really knowing him all that well I have a lot of respect for him. Stupid, stupid.

Oh yes, when leaving Macca’s I came out to find my car on much more of a distinct angle then where I’d left it, after a brief horrified, “I didn’t park that badly did I Jess!?” We realised it’d been turned, undoubtably by Cameron and Daniel. The ‘up’ windscreen wipers confirmed it, as did the highly amusing phonecall Jess had with them on the way back.

And thus concludes my day, another which you get to read about because I’m too slack to write on ideas and concepts at the moment. I forgot to call work again to check my shifts and so shall be hoping the trip to make the 8:45am start isn’t in vain. Perhaps I should sleep.


  1. said:

    and you think reading about your day is boring. ha, hardly. its fascinating. :p. you think too much sometimes bec.

    however, it is nice to know im not the only one having uni course problems. bec. do you enjoy what your doing? does it make you happy? do you think its where God wants you to be? do you think he can use the things your using, even if you dont think he can? if thats your main issue with the course that is. but if you simply arent enjoying, look for something else…

    kissing is nice however… *sigh* and watching girly movies, where kissing is made even nicer just makes you want to do it even more. even though i agree with you. it gets a bit confusing when you go kiss guys who you dont really want anything with…

    and i think you need to have “RING WORK WEDNESDAY” up on your whiteboard.

    oh, and you, jas and paul were in my dream last night… kept waking me up too…

    April 27, 2006
  2. said:


    That is funny. I didn’t have to Google to find you (although it may have crossed my mind), you went and posted a comment on Matt Glover’s site and I found you anyway! If it makes you feel any better, I did wonder why I didn’t just offer my address. Well, hope you like the read, and let me know if I’m not allowed to look through yours :).

    Getting weird looks cos I burst out laughing (I might possibly be at work) when I saw that you’d found me.

    April 27, 2006
  3. said:

    That was permission to read it. Just realised I didn’t really put that bit in.

    April 27, 2006
  4. said:

    ahh good. haha now can avoid embarassing ‘explain yourself Rebecca’ business. Considering you probably wont even be there Sunday that’s possibly a good thing.

    can I confess to being a bit strategic in commenting on matt glovers blog :P? I totally found your comment by accident there too.

    err. well they say all’s well that end’s well.

    April 27, 2006
  5. said:

    Well, you’re not the innocent little YIT that you pretend to be. Yes, I can see the contradiction in that statement.

    And here’s me thinking you were the nice sister….. 😛

    And as an aside (having just insulted you I thought I’d ask something), what could you have typed into Google to find me? I’m impressed…

    April 27, 2006
  6. said:

    lets see.

    I typed in your first and last name + either wordpress (as you did mention it) or blog, and you came up second! I was impressed at your google ranking.

    And no. I’ve never been the nice sister, I’ve always been the evil twin.

    You also, if I didn’t say elsewhere have full permission to read this blog, but you already are which renders this comment useless.

    April 27, 2006
  7. said:

    …well okay. Someone else’s blog with a link to yours came up, your older version of your blog was second and through it I found the current one.

    I used:

    geoff lastname wordpress

    pretty cluey hey.

    April 27, 2006

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