Playground antics in a political domain

My hectic social life seems to eternally be getting in the way of the important Solomons news. An outline (my outline) and take on things can be found here if you need a little context. So dinner conversation over some not so fantastic nachos wandered around aimlessly and found itself concerned with Synder Rini. This guy was the Prime Minister of the Solomons up until about yesterday, which is the news I’d missed.

The man with the smoothly suspicious name had an extremely loyal party who crossed the floor to the opposition thereby forcing him to step down. They did have the decency to ask him to resign first, a choice which was not a choice when you really think about it.

What gets me is that people literally danced in the streets. If they were so utterly concerned, why oh why didn’t so many of them vote in the first place!

An inside look on the methods of voting over there – not that I ever had the opportunity to, might help to be a citizen.

In the past each candidate got their own box. This is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard of if you consider voting to be a private affair. Here is the key to why bribery used to work so well. If the bribee went against the money paying individual/group it was pretty much branded on their forehead by the time they even left the building (although I dare say it could’ve been held outside). I don’t like to think consequences, and I don’t know of any specific circumstances but yeah, it’s probable.

This past election they finally resorted to one box method, which in theory should make the voting ‘cleaner’. Of course fear is the ultimate motivator and bribery I’m sure can work without the clarifying.

So it seems Rini becomes the interim PM whereby the whole lousy process starts all over again. If a certain Mr. Wale got in I think I would treat myself to a very expensive present. Unfortunately I somehow doubt that will occur.


  1. said:

    oh. so they are starting the proccess over again?
    we (my family) were debating as to what would happen now…

    April 27, 2006
  2. said:

    well I don’t think they are doing a country vote again, I think they might dredge up some candidates from those in the current parliment. Shall keep you posted.

    I’m in way too deep – poltics and I don’t mix too well.

    April 27, 2006

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