The work of work

Competition: who can find me through google (that is this blog) first? And how’d you do it?

8:45 start work
8:55 check shifts for the week
8:56 cut sick inside at being rostered again on a Sunday
9:00-5:00 think about alternative work options, muse over the grapevine news Dad shared that my old boss wants me back
9:30 get the guts and wait until she’s had her coffee then tell manager I’m not working Sunday
9:31 manager tells me I have to tell her before she does the roster next time
9:31 I tell manager a little more forcefully than smart that I have told her before
9:32 nothing else said, I go on my merry but bored way and continue working
11:12 surupticious hello to Dave as manager is lurking in the shop
11:15 break time, make Dave late back to work as I hold him up talking
1:00 lunch with Sam
3:00 hi to Darryn and Sam
3:30 rat incident out in the back office, Susan is freaked, I am completely unperturbed – looks like growing up where you catch them live and then petition with your dad to just let them go instead of drowning them counts for something.
4:00 break spent with Sam, cash in on free drink at Gloria Jeans
5:00 conclusio of really not so bad a day at work
5:15 drive with Sam to Croydon to pick up slides
5:45 pay criminal ammount for petrol after having erm trouble finding the lever to open the stupid thing… never filled my car up before.
6:00… dinner, online, shower, tv, online
11:30+ book, bed, sleep

NB: times approximate and probably really wrong.

Dymocks has until May, where it faces evaluation and me finding the sense to let them know I shall be quitting. It’s not always (or really at all) that bad a place to work but compared to MBO… well!

If Col will give me one day a week work (that’s all I’d want), I’d drop the books and run, just like that. Alternatively I shall take over mum’s book selling on Ebay or find out some other way to work from the comfort of home in my own leisure. I am not worried about being jobless, I am highly employable, but I’d rather be earning something consistantly and make yet another smooth transition from one job to the next.

If all else fails, I’ll cash in on the family reputation and become a checkout chick at Spotlight (so help me!). Other options include talking to Martin H about working/doing something for MECS (old school) as that appeals, busking (without musical talent, yeh that might not work), freelance wordprocessing (that’d be boring), going to market with Sam (yeah right you’d have to pay me a lot more than what she gets to make me do those hours), delivering mum’s junkmail (so shoot me) or decreasing all spending habits, which aren’t large anyway and start reporting non-income to Centrelink on time so I can be a bummy student that lives off the government, but I already do.

Oh wow! MBO’s website is brilliant compared to what it used to be (that’d be my fault) so much simpler and no I’m not being sarcastic, I like it a lot. Do you think I could $ tag some of my photos that got used? 😛 That’d solve the work issue.

I might even be admitting that I miss the old orange and purple :\


  1. said:

    Didn’t find you, but hell, I found Jezika Rae through looking for you!

    April 28, 2006
  2. said:

    Stay true – don’t give into the evils of orange and purple. It might be nice now but it’ll only hurt you later!

    Having real trouble getting to your site from Google, pretty sure you’re not in there. So my next strategy is to put links to this site all over the internet then keep checking Google until I get there 🙂

    April 28, 2006
  3. said:

    Nah, dont think I can find it, it doesnt work for private blogs

    April 28, 2006

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