A very sad, discourgaing day. The clock in my room is a few minues slow and so by the time Dad and I drove down, caught the most evil pedestrian lights in the world, the train was farewelling the station. Last option was to drive to work which I hadn’t wanted to do as it was only a four hour shift and not worth the petrol.

I dropped dad and pushed the speedlimit, had the worst lot of light sequences possible and arrived to work 10 minutes late. Manager was not at all happy and gave me a ‘talking to’ out the back which was reasonably fair, then she started going on about me not being available Sunday’s etc and I’d apparently as said I would be in my interview – my memory says differently, “I’ll be available Sundays if you really really need me.” It cast everything in to a thoroughly gloomy mood and threw all those, ‘maybe I’ll give this place a second shot’ out the window. Okay, actually I was rather… (find me a synonym for upset). Mercifully I was out the back most of the day, ‘stickering/unstickering’ which suited my: I don’t want to talk to anyone just now.

There is a new girl, Victoria – which explains my shift being half it’s normal length. I had a look at the roster and I found a 3hr shift for Saturday – 3hrs is hardly worth coming in for, but it was not a good time to complain so I didn’t. I really hate working where I don’t enjoy myself one iota.

The last half hour or so was a slight improvement – it took me that long to haul my brain out of evil resignation plans. I am caught, because if I quit now, it looks like an immature response to being told off – if I wait until the end of May ___ shall be going travelling (yes another one!). I think despite my best efforts of sticking it outm will get until the end of my uni semester at least then I can use a changing timetable as an excuse if they even want to hear one. I can’t stand much more. It’s not a terrible place to work, but it’s really not much fun.

As I was leaving, I was asked to come in earlier on Sat, so at least now it’s worth it. I’d planned to do something with Jess D this weekend, but I don’t have the time unless it’s just a day thing let alone the energy.

Arrived home and found someone has left some nice chocolate for me on my desk. I don’t know who would’ve done that, Dad’s the only one home…


  1. said:

    so bec, who never returns her messages. i am going to talk to you here, after not seeing you online, or what not for several days.

    and ask you a question. are you going to the shin dig that jess d has organised tomorrow night? aka, friday. subway then movies?
    if not, oh well…

    sort of miss talking to you bec, and its been less than a week… even your blog isnt as good as the real you.

    it doesnt hurt to reply to a text message every now and then..

    and comment on blogs…

    or some form of communication…

    ps, chocolate is nice. 🙂

    May 4, 2006
  2. said:

    oh um err yes.

    Jess and I arranged stuff tonight, I shall be there (I believe I’ll probably be your taxi is this correct?) 😛

    my phone was being irresponsible today, but it’s true I also didn’t msg you.

    May 4, 2006
  3. said:

    *obligatory comment*

    May 5, 2006

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