A fat lip later

The truth is probably best if anyone asks me if someone’s punched me in the side of my face.

They haven’t. I did however have a nasty run in with the side of my car. That is, I was getting in – it was dark and my face met some metal. Minorly embarassing.

So I have split lip, a fat lip, a bruised lip, a bit of numb s face and it was one of those pain moments where you feel distinctly like throwing up. Emily was with me and was entirely concerned about me (probably that I’d pass out as I was driving) the whole way home which was a little amusing as I’d said I felt a bit ‘strange’.

I still feel a bit sick and the side of my mouth looks a little worse for wear. Laura played nurse and got out a torch and everything when I got home (Mum wasn’t around) and did the whole, “Put ice on it!” thing. Good old frozen peas.

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