A pleasant day all round.

Woke up at a reasonable hour. I was eating breakfast and having a bit of a think about how I haven’t really been learning much about who God is and other around that area and how it was bit annoying that was the case, then got the idea (Holy Spirit induced I’m gathering) that its rather been my own doing. I haven’t been looking/searching it out. Bit of a ‘duh’ moment – which happens now and then.

I spent a good bit of time reading Ezekiel, of all books. I keep coming across it, and ignoring it and so when it came up again this morning in my lazy perusal I decided I’d read it. It’s such a strange book. Puts the, ‘fear of God’ and a, ‘jealous God’ really into perspective. It’s so weird though. You wonder how it got into the Bible. How much is ‘vision’, how much is actual? Very disturbing in a way. God is so unbelieveably angry at unholiness. So frustrated with the people of Israel. So jealous about idols. So much what he should be. So much so that we should be really really concerned with the lives and ‘salvation’ (I use that loosely) of other people. Who are we not to obey, not to hurt for the world, not to do something about it?

I got interuped around chapter 23 when Jessica D dropped by on her way back home and stayed for half an hour or so. Then I invited Sam down for lunch and got her to eat tuna (her “I hate” food) as I made tuna burgers. She actually liked them, which had me impressed. Mind you I’m not the worlds biggest tuna fan either and I like them, so it all fits.

We went to Morrisons for afternoon tea. I was good and had Chai (as did she. NO CAFFEINE) however tempting their lattes are. They still took it as my ‘freebee’ (Coffee Cards are great things!). It was so busy up there! We still managed some excellent conversation and some rather funny conversation about something I don’t talk about much. Which gave her face this permanent smile and had her giggling at odd intervals (not that it’s all very out of the ordinary really). It was kind of cool to be freeish to talk about it.

Took the dog for a decent walk/run – it’s been a while. Gave me more time to think and enjoy the day.

I wrote my resignation letter. They’ll be getting a week’s notice – that’s all I ever get with shifts.

Dear X and Y,

I want to thank you for the time I’ve worked with you and the others at ‘the store’. Unfortunately due to uni loads, availabilty and the relevance of the work towards career, I will be finishing employment with you by the 21st of May 2006.

Thank you again for the experience of working with you,


Yeah it’s a bit of bubble, but you can’t exactly say formally that: I really am not enjoying myself, the hours are crap, you give me hardly any notice of when I’m working, you complain at my lack of availability on Sundays and in general…

It’s going to feel so good to finish up there. Fare ye well to a 6 month lot of experience. Tilla, I’m coming to join you on the other side! Although that does mean working from home for a while until I decide to go job hunting again.

One thing I didn’t do today was to look at what homework I should’ve started on… a slight oversight.

Friday week, a group of twelve of us are off to see Top Acts at Hamer Hall.

“Top Acts presents VCE performing arts students from 2005 who achieved outstanding results in dance, drama, theatre studies, and music (group and solo)”

It’ll be a mix of church people and YITS people which shall be interesting. Considering Robyn is in for her monologue (theatre studies) I’m surprised we didn’t get more of the church people. So it’ll be: Jess W, Laura (sister), Sam, Alecia, Emma, Laura (yits), Daniel, Cameron, Jerome, Iain, Kat (church) and myself. Which shall make for a very bizarre experience.

Should be a LOT of fun.