The not so verbal blah dump thing

I am perhaps quite stupidly sitting online this time of night for no great reason. I’m not sure what to write.

Something maybe about the random lady I saw marching along the footpath in true soldier form at about 9:00 this morning, curiously absurd.

I did catch the train to uni todya, I forget how much I actually like early morning train rides (when it’s not freezing cold). With some blue sky and some sun it’s insanely enjoyable, although it’s probably just me. I have had some of the most ‘content’ times sitting on trains. It’s really quite strange.

I read some of Perspectives after considering Running with Scissors (yeah hi to the freak who takes two books so she can choose) and deciding it would ruin the cheerful mood. It was joyfully (NB sarcasm) something about relationships, yes, in ‘that’ way, but I actually had quite a reasonable talk to God about some stuff and am pretty cool and unbothered with it all at the moment. To be honest if people keep bringing it (relationships of ‘that’ variety) up like they have the past few months I think I’ll have to start telling them to… shutup? I’m a little bit over it. Not as such to wear the single crown like _ is at the moment, but enough to have thought things over and done it to death… at least for now.

Short stint at uni, went to the one tute, handed in the assignment, started on the next one (group one). Heard a collective joint moan from Justin, Jen and co about the last assignment and marks (the one of mine that hasn’t been marked yet… at least she managed to locate it!) I understand why they complain, but sometimes you should just draw the line. Yes it wasn’t clear. Yes you got a lower mark than you wanted. What’s done is done. (Please make no reference to the blog title).

Home via Box Hill where I succumbed to chips and gravy. I refused any salt, which suposedly isn’t so good for you – but somehow think the gravy kind of stuffed that up… the chips too come to think of it.

Got home, stuffed around online for a bit. Lay down on my bed for a moment and woke up an hour later, I got up for maybe five or ten minutes but for the life of me I’m not sure what I did, but I lay back down and managed another half hour. I rarely sleep during the day, but I think I needed it.

Afternoon tea with the lovely Samantha up at Morrisons. It was her phone call that woke me up. I sat at the top of the road waiting for her to come on the bus and after about Bus no.6 (school time) I called her and she happened to be in the cafe already – great communication Rebecca. Another nice prolonged sit in the sun on a stump (rather than in the bus shelter).

A latte and half a piece of jaffa cake later – we try to get something different every time, well nothing much really…

Young Adults tonight. I was there first, for once early to something. I really hate being late to things but (oh stuff it I’m going to use the word lately) lately the ‘late thing’ has been happening, was good to break the trend.

We ended up doing a Spiritual gifts test thing, to I guess understand a little of where each of us is coming from (big lot of people there tonight) and to continue the conversation around spiritual gifts. Yes we do all know that they can’t really tell you that much.

I blahed out Wisdom up the top, followed by an equal score in: Admin, Knowledge, Faith. Not too surprised – a little about the faith thing perhaps.

Celebacy was on there. Hehe. No I didn’t score too highly there, surprisingly _ and _ did… or not so surprisingly. Interesting some of the questions were (let me slip into yoda speech) in light of what I was thinking about this morning.

The customary drive up the road to Macca’s. And the rest is history. And I should really really be asleep considering I’m still “sick” and can tell it.


  1. said:

    Tonight’s car movements? 🙂

    May 25, 2006
  2. said:

    i love train rides too bec. 🙂

    and, old ladies who wear wollen (knitted) skirts, that match their tops. in the ame shade of paleish pink.

    oh, good times. 🙂

    (ps, i did semi think that you might be waiting at the bus stop, as we have done it that way before. oh well, you got to see all the school kids i travel with/around 😉 )

    May 25, 2006
  3. said:

    As upon request, Daniel, Cameron and Jerome did not move my car. The worst I had to deal with was a windscreen wiper left up.

    May 25, 2006
  4. said:

    and you dealt with it remarkably well. ….

    May 25, 2006
  5. said:

    The wiper thing is always amusing.. right.

    May 25, 2006

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