Dad failed to tell me that the guy had come to pick my dog up. There’s one way to build resentment if I ever saw it.


There is always some surprise and hesitation when I spin out posts like last nights, “Always” – it often doesn’t seem to fit the mould of what I write. It’s good, but feels too simple. I’m not sure.

Google Analytics sent me the invite code finally so BEWARE you are being tracked (you already were if you didn’t know it) – stats junkie.

The guy is meant to come and pick Job up today. He hasn’t gotten here yet. I sort of wish he would and just get it over with. I don’t think it’s going to be quite as gut wrenching as leaving Kira overseas, having Muffin die in front of me or hearing the news that they’d gone and ‘disposed’ of Monty because he was too stupid (he was too stupid but thats not the point).

I have made up my mind to instead of flaunting my own very boring other blog links in the sidebar (well Read and Blue serves it’s purpose) that I’ll start linking to a few I read. The question is, which ones? My bloglines is overrun with approximately 70 feeds – some I grant are old. I think those that qualify at least will be:
Blonde Musings
The GeoffRe(y)port
The Sound of Green
A Little Bit Suss (Hannah made a blog last night)
Virtually Paul (if he decides to update more)
I’d link to Jess Rae’s but she hasn’t updated in a long time.
Discovering the Heart
Obession Compulsion
OOCQ Blog (maybe)

…that saying: no update once a week maybe two- it’s gone.

and links to others ‘popular ones’ like WaiterRant that I read can revel in their own publicity elsewhere.

Which should I include? Any I’ve missed?

Theres a bits and pieces blog for you.
What should I do with my day?