For the person who wanted to see me without my extra two and very needed glass eyes 😉

As you will see this (left) was taken on towel day so it’s not that old and I took it for a facial recognition thingo I believe.

and theres another erm… one I quite like, more um, arty I guess.

*What chaos ensued from posting these! The beauty of it being another asking the exact same question that started this ball rolling, “Do you like your glasses?” Followed by a rather amusing discussion around identity which I got to listen in to.

Do I like my glasses? Well to say one thing I have absoultely zero choice in wearing them – I really do have to or I’m oh so blind it’s not funny. I think I have simply accepted them as part of my life and it’s never really been a huge deal. I would’ve gotten glasses when I was about 10 and probably needed them before that. As for contacts, that does happen to be next on the agenda. Considering I’m due to go get my eyes checked/new glasses I was planning months ago on getting them (if my eyes are suitable). Why? It’s not that I feel like I’m something lesser *snigger* as one of you hypothesied in a round about way, it’s more that I’d like a change. To be honest the if the response is anything like a few reactions to those photos, it freaks me out slightly. I prefer to blend into oblivion (okay not always). Self image issues fortunately have been muchly avoided by an overactive mind and I don’t know what else – I can’t give the secrets away when I don’t know them. I’m grateful for it and I’ve been informed that it’s really rare. So I’ll take that as a compliment and leave you to work out who exactly is the deglassed Rebecca by yourself.

Anyway for those who ACTUALLY THOUGHT IT WAS A DIFFERENT PERSON STARING AT YOU FROM THE BLOG PAGE AND HAD TO READ TO SEE WHO, there’s another up on flickr, which my or may not look any more like me.

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