Before I sit down (oh wait I already am!) to have a decent think about some stuff that came out of this morning’s gloriously relevant sermon, thanks Christina! I’ll share with you the following:

“I was looking for a hole to dig myself into for a couple of minutes after the second goal,” he admitted. “If we had lost, I would have had to live in the Solomon Islands.” – Kalac (soceroo’s goalkeeper after he missed)

I guess the Aussie’s experience of the Solomon Soccer expertise hasn’t been so grand…

I’d also better mention the movie before I get too carried away.

The Mission.
Very interesting, spectacular, but a bit was lost on the quality and screen size.
Couple of quite moving bits, the whole thing was fairly inspirational – curious ethical situations yes, but still inspirational. My favourite would’ve been when they read out this. The part where kids were getting shot and babies pushed into the mud was pretty hard.
The music was great, again a bit lost on our home lack of fantastic equipment. Lets see, the only actor I can remember being familiar was Liam Neeson (but I like him from Les Miserables)… otherwise you’d have to look it up.
Themes of sacrifice, mission, love etc… quite deeply entwined in the whole thing. Worth watching this one.

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  1. said:

    Good to hear my constant sporting rants are having an effect – we’ll turn you into a raving sports fan yet Rebecca!

    June 25, 2006

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