Life’s a picnic

It’s nice to have those days where you sleep in late, spend the rest with friends, feel good because you got some exercise (and believe me I’m never too intentional about it, not now the dog’s gone) and manage to feel like you’ve been somewhat productive.

Had a good old holiday scrambled eggs breakfast – the kind of breakfast I bother with when I have time up my pyjama sleeves. I love wandering around the house with good music on and a cup of tea.

Sam called after her exam, about an hour after I’d been awake (shows how late I slept). I had some ‘erands’ to do so she decided to come along, I was more than happy to have her.

To Medicare, to get a form and finally get my name taken off the family card and onto my own – should’ve done it about five years ago.

I went somewhat hopefully to the optomitrist to see if they could fit me in. No such luck. So I shall have to wait until Wednesday morning. I haven’t had my eyes checked for about two and a half years. It’s a bit of a pain really, because I’m fairly sure they’re a bit worse. I do and don’t like getting new glasses. Picking frames or what is a minorly petrifying thing as you know you’ll be stuck with them for the next few years. You always always need someone else with reliable taste with you. That saying, I shall be seeing if my eyes are suitable for contacts because I’ve been meaning to do that since the last time. I would like the change, although I’m going to hate the people noticing thing. Comments, even if favourable do start getting painful when people go, “Oh wow you look so different etc…” – This will be my 5th pair of glasses if I’m not wrong. I first started wearing them when I was ten. I blame my Dad entirely for the dodgy genes. Fare ye well several hundred dollars also…

Sam and I crept into the changing rooms at Target and had a very funny time trying on some dresses. (Here’s where I admit I actually liked some of them although don’t think I’d be brave enough to ever wear one). The rest of them were fairly hideous.

We came back past the lake. Walked around, took a few photos. A beautiful day.

Jess and Luskie (Mark) picked Sam and I up a bit later than originally intended and eventually found Kat’s house. Elyce was already there. Kat’s house is amazing. I love it! I’ve always wanted a red room and done a bit the way her mum had theirs. A few things different maybe, but on general principle – well! Kat’s bunglow… that was something else again! I don’t get envious too easily but I was bordering on it. Taste, ahh good taste.

We left Sam and Elyce there and drove to Monbulk to get pizza – not open. So on to Belgrave. Kat and I got a couple of movies, “Keeping Mum” and some other indie something or other (which we didn’t end up watching).

Made it into about 40mins of the movie – bizzarre black comedy. Some which I didn’t like, actually a lot of the movie I didn’t like, but there was enough in there that was well and truly whacked out for me to appreciate. I don’t mind black comedy generally but there were a few too many sexual jokes etc in there – which is the one of the few kinds of humor (including really dumb blonde jokes) that I just don’t find funny.

Jess H arrived, followed closely by Dan. We made more tea, ate more chocolate and pizza and tim-tams etc… then went and finished the movie.

Very enjoyable evening, skimming over Jess W and Sam’s beautifully snide remarks at my wearing of a red jumper/top and something to do with passion…. which confused both Luskie and Jess H (me too, trying to work out where they pulled it from)- who assumed that I am now going out with someone.

To clear that one up: I’m not.

Oh yeah, ever looking for buttons to push? That’s the big one, right there in the middle.

Red jumpers, blue skies and all. I guess it really was quite a good day.


  1. said:

    like the table pic!

    June 27, 2006
  2. mark said:

    I found you!!! And i even got a mention. I like your work.

    June 27, 2006

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