Books and patterns

I shall keep amusing myself by continuing the trend of my blog posts seemingly appearing in sets.

By way of explanation:

Dollars spent > A three dollar evening > admissions
Odd blog > Bloggers block
Life’s a picnic > Replacement Living
Bright Eyes (okay this is the odd one out)
Backwards look at books > ‘the title of this one as yet undecided’

Until now it (and I promise) has not been intentional.

I’ve spent the last hour and a bit putting up books on ebay, to fund the too many social activities that shall arrive on my doorstep these holidays, also petrol and a good bit will, as it always does, get saved. Unfortuantely my savings tend to take a nose dive when I ‘buy that big thing’ – but really that is what savings are for.

Next on the ‘to buy’ list is a Digital SLR, do yourself a favor and don’t get yourself an expensive hobby. Moving out of home would also be nothing short of wonderful yet this presents a problem, now that I work from home…. this home. I think I’ll cross that bridge when it comes to it. Give me til the end of the year and I will probably strongly consider hunting for work and the slightly detestible nature of not being my own boss.

Money as a whole does not greatly concern me. Although the wasting of it does.

One thing I will probably spend money on this holidays is a trip into the city to look at the Picasso exhibition, tempted to go by myself but anyone is welcome if you are so inclined (and I know you).

I am slugging my way through ‘Lake Wobegone Days’ and getting mildly frustrated that I ever started it. It’s too long for what it is. Difficult to follow, although quite funny – it feels like a million anecdotes from multiple characters pieced together to form some kind of whole. I’m questioning why I didn’t just start reading The Life of Pi when it’s been on the ‘next’ list for so long. I shall endeavour to finish it asap, which might be a good task for this afternoon.

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