Why the blogs are dry at the moment: THEORY ONE

Person: When I had people to talk to, I had no use for the blog, I couldn’t be bothered.
Bec: I had lots of people to talk to and still blogged.
Bec: It’s almost as if God is in someway trying to shove me into ‘experience’ rather than thought
Person: Oo well why dont you blog about your experiences?
Bec: No just generally. I do blog about experiences
Bec:I dont know, is this a ‘learn to feel’ properly time?


*sniggers at lameness*

…more to come, someday?

Blogging Christianity General

It’s another monday (at uni) and I’m sitting in the brand spanking new internet cafe “Caffeine” – I probably shouldn’t be here as I haven’t actually bought anything. Far many more computers than the Corner Cafe, and architecturally/aesthetically pleasing. Gosh Coffee in Box Hill was the fortunate business to get my patronage today. Buying one coffee is more than enough. I’m justifying sitting here by knowing Jen is two computers down from me and she bought a hot chocolate from them… and look, she’s playing FreeCell. Such the appeal of actually working!

There are certain things I really like about uni. Despite not being a very good morning person my body clock rights itself a few weeks in, which means I’m definitely getting there now. I can handle the waking up early quite well.

I love being around our house when I’m the only one awake. I like any morning sun that gets through, the look of fog and other early beautiful things. I really like the drive down the station (except if the car decides to stall) and the time you get to think/pray or just be. There are those days where I can get the same train as Geoff (what a delightful coincidence!) which makes the whole public transport thing thoroughly enjoyable. I mentioned Gosh coffee before… despite being perfectly situated – you can’t escape the aroma, and are of course thoroughly tempted, the two ladies who work there (well, the one that serves) is exceptionally cheerful. So once I reach the cold wait for the bus; I’ve spent time with Geoff, have a coffee in hand and been served by someone who’s brilliant attitude has further rubbed off on me, the sparse but what I think is beautiful view from the bus terminal over the roofs to look at and masses of birds. It all adds up to a very content feeling, which makes the bus trip enjoyable, usually funny and simply nicer in seeing those ‘regular’ faces.

So as a total change of tune, I’ve been sitting here for a good hour on a stool (doing wonders for my back) as the Studio area has some renovations going on above and beside us and they’ve been drilling holes in the roof and other such nuisances all morning. By about September, it will be the largest motion capture studio in Australia apparently! Here however is no quieter. I have a headache from the constant chatter and the music I’m using to drown it out, my eyes are sore. I’m a bit stuck for concentration and have thus given up on attempting homework.

Productive studio session. Discussion around Open Day stuff – “Glimpse Your Future” (what a tacky name). Which means I have to come into uni on Sunday – hooray! Ah well. I don’t know how organised we are as a whole, I certainly have done my bit. Picked the ‘later’ shift, that way I can hopefully get church in beforehand.

Next is a tute for Systems. Bring on D Morisson’s ‘game’ (one every tute) and hopefully he’ll have some idea of what he’s talking about this week.

I do apologise (to myself mostly) for the very big lack of posts with any real substance lately. I keep intending to, as there have been a few things I’ve been thinking about. The words will not come and the thoughts are refusing to complete themselves, which means my head has felt remarkably empty of late, this disturbs me. Until that rights itself, you’ll have to be content with posts like this (the daily borings) or nothing. Then of course, I could always torture your interest with some BlogThings.

General Life

Well, by Thursday I should be one step closer to my eyes being ‘de-framed’.

Optometrist finally got back to me!

10am on the 3rd, I get to and try out all the different kinds (contacts) they ordered in for me.

How exciting!

General Life

I’ve just done a very silly thing.

Geoffrey (and I guess I can call him that because I’m pretending to be annoyed at him) managed to get me to ‘fill-in’ as Laura couldn’t make it to youth (leading) tonight.

I had a little too much fun and I’ve gotten the old itch of really liking being where I can serve people in that way.

Yes I technically do already youth lead over on Gush, but this is a little more people tangible. Slightly younger kids too, which reminded me very much of ESA junior camp – without the hanging off my arm and ridiculous chanting songs.

Needless to say (but I like that phrase so I’ll use it anyway).

I can sort of guess what’s going to happen to my Friday nights.

…someone asked me if I was married :S I don’t look that old do I!

General Ministry

Dora Marr, supposedly inspired Pablo Picasso intellectually, artistically and I dare say emotionally. It would have to be a pretty powerful thing to have those behind you. Fairly honoring to be in that position for a start. But then – they as two artists, they would’ve fed quite regularly off eachother. The interaction is interesting.

I can’t help but wonder if it was shared emotion, if he was so close to her that it got utterly poured into (particularly) Picasso’s artwork. It’s all so dramatically depressing. I genuinely like his work and can appreciate it, despite it being quite strange, but do I find exceptionally dark.

As you may or may not have picked up – especially if you didn’t know it was on, I visited Picasso: Love & War at the NGV this afternoon. It was worth a look, maybe not quite what I anticipated and it didn’t give me quite the same thrill as when seeing Rembrants, but I can claim satisfaction in having experienced a genuine Picasso and have definitely lit (and perhaps burnt out) that small woodpile of curiousity about the whole thing.

Why the city on a friday? Well, I did first make the trip into to uni for my one hour lecture (WWW) and then stopped by the Hawthorn’ish area to have lunch with Geoff, which was rather good! I could definitely justify the ‘afternoon’ out.

The train was highly entertaining today. I don’t think I’ve ever had a better run of ‘the funny stuff’. I got to the station early after heading up to fill up my front tyre with some air, so I jumped on the 8:3something instead of the 8:53. It left late due to some trouble with the doors. A few stations down the line the driver’s voice comes over the P.A. “Passengers, we’re still having some trouble with the doors so if you can try closing them again and giving them a kick then we might get going!” His colloquial tone and words were beautifully human. You sometimes forget that they’re having, ‘just another day on the job’. Trains don’t drive themselves. Whatever kicking the passengers did do, it worked. Had to change later on due to the same problem, but it was worth it.

On the way into the city. Sitting behind me was a classical voice music student (guy) and a 40yr’ish, older guy who had obviously just started talking to him ‘because’ he was within proximity. The conversation was loud and I found it incredibally funny, to the point where I was laughing as silently as I could and not just doing the whole ‘grin my face off’ thing.

The student was listening to the musical soundtrack of Rent (something Jess W has talked about a lot recently) and let the other guy have a listen. It hit the point of where he made the descision to go out and buy it, but couldn’t get his head around what the piece was called. “Oh wow, this is great music, I really like it!”.

The conversation extrapolated wildly from there on and at one point the older guy got quite excited, “Maybe you could join my brother and I, we’re thinking of starting a band, you could do back-up vocals…”. Middle aged pipe dreams?

I have no idea how the student was finding it as I couldn’t see either of their faces, but he was quite amiable and he played along with a cool, “Maybe.”
I think he really baulked when the older guy asked about singing excercises. The student mentioned the larynx and moving it up and down and then after a little longer, “Uh, I’m not really a teacher”. They talked about the future and how musical theatre was on the cards and how difficult it was to get in. The student was encouraged in his pursuit of what he wanted to do, “If it’s really in your heart” but the guy suggested quite unhelpfully that perhaps he’d better seek more stable means. He meant well.

The whole thing was gold!

So. A very peaceful in many ways kind of day. Thoroughly enjoyable. A bit of learning, a bit of humor, a bit of being with someone I rather like being with, a bit of culture and a lot of taking the whole thing at my own pace. Can’t top that very well, although maybe a sleep-in would’ve been nice…

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