Meetup – Gush style

This afternoon saw over 20 gushers under a hideous orange banner at Fed Sation with a viking cap for a meetup. Three WA’ers decided to grace us with their presence so the rest of us made it in from Sale, Ballarat, Boronia etc…

I always like adding more names to my ‘tally of who I’ve met’ because frankly I’ve met some pretty interesting characters over the past few years.

As a group we went to Crown (with a trip past the SouthBank fountains, I DID NOT get wet although I think Tony did) and played M9 lasers. Three teams. Mods Won 😀 I came 21st out of 24 (really 23). I was impressed that I wasn’t last, since I had absolutely no method in playing. Burkie put us all to shame.

Aprox. half of us didn’t wish to spend more money on another 15mins (+the free game) so sat upstairs for about an hour, talking and waiting.

Some madness in getting people across the street at Flinders Station – Who knows what they were doing, but I hate disorganisation so it was beginning to really annoy me. We lost the Saleites who had to drive back.

Starbucks. I got Trav onto the good old hot chai latte. Where a bit of good talking generally happened. I wish there’d been more but you can’t have it all.

So who was there? For the record:
Bec (Bee), Tony (Cozmos), Reihnard (Fire|Bird), Sam (Meika), Analise (Esilana), Nathan (Otzi), Burkie (Burkie), Jas ([jas]), John (Auran), Paul (Bobbymac), Katie (katrina), Rohan (merc-blue), Steve (steve), Mark (clammy), Angus (Kangrus), Caitie (Caitie), Jess (Smess), Josh (joshf88), Rod (P4G4), Malcom (malcom), Travis (Trav), Annie (aadvarkgirl), Stew (Specky), Drew (5levelsofdata), Hayley (zombiegirl) and some other guy those last two knew.
Prowdy (Prowdy)… how’d I forget him!

Paul you should’ve been there, but I dare say your afternoon was much more productive without it.

And I’m too tired to bother writing much more. A very good afternoon and evening. I should possibly go and eat some dinner…


  1. said:

    you forgot prowdy…

    July 1, 2006
  2. said:

    Wish I had’ve been. The gush banner came back a bit worse for wear. Seems you have photographic evidence of the culprit. Tsk tsk.

    July 2, 2006
  3. said:

    hmm i think it was rohan who won the laser game 😛 he had the same score as burkie but a higher accuracy.

    July 2, 2006

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