Rather than bore you with a long wordy post (I’ll get to that later)
here’s a bit of a ‘photo tour’ with some extremely badly taken photos this afternoon. I can claim fault for a few of them – but for the rest I did not have control of the camera… There are some times where it’s just better to save the photo taking until you’ve got decent light.

Anyway with corny and normal captions, I bring you a social afternoon of the young adults where we bbq’d after church and crashed at Tim’s place to play some (Boggle) games – which we got to evenutally, after charades and a fair lot of talking etc…

BBQ’ing. Jess and Ana insiting on not being ‘in the photo’

Tim (oudoor ed Tim) and Susannah, err, this can illustrate all the ‘talking’ that went on. Andy, Jason (some mate of Tims) and another guy I never got the name of.

Michael and Kat (Who just got back from Fiji ) and Dan and Nay (Just back from China!) being silly.

Jess and I looking like we’ve taken something – Jess definitely did.

Laura, Me and Geoff watching charades- I think this is the best photo of the lot despite it being rather grainy (having been lightened by me) candid is good even if it reveals multiple chins etc :S….. Not Laura’s feet on the right. It does err show my comparitive shortness.

Jerome and Cameron (who looks oh so young in this photo), Rest of the crew watching charades: Justin, Chris (unknown), Jess, Jerome, Cam, Isobelle, Ana, Dave (Jess’s bro’s jumper).

Analise ‘charading’ and Nicole sitting on the floor there (who’s NEW finally some more girls!) and Jess in her element with a *little* word.

Terrible photo (massively lightened) but to prove Marty does exist, Jess and Dan (and a bit of Geoff’s tongue apparently) because that’s really the only other vertical photo left.

And yes, there were a couple of others there: Chris & Sarah, Ben (Dan’s brother) and some other new guy – whom I didn’t get to meet (woops) they weren’t really around too much, the one photo I do have is really terrible… not that I took it, but so that they feature (sorry to Ben):

Aren’t we all just so photogenic!

General Life

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free…” Galatians 5

Someone asked me last night what in a way I most value (Most want was the actual question I think). I didn’t bring this one up: Freedom, in particular – independance. I possibly should’ve.

It’s really peculiar how God chooses to ram something down your throat in a particular way (that’s a harsh way to put it) but in some ways it was like that.

It’s an interesting thing to be shown up, have a minor revelation and a verse drop into your head and be enough to get you out of bed, to where you have to write things down and pray about something before the clock even turns 8:00am.

The nicest thing about it all is that it pushed me to consider freedom in other ways. In what Jesus did for us. Which really was the best possible thing for humanity and us as individuals. I under-rate it far too often without even trying. Freedom is multi-faceted and a beautiful thing.

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