Round Two

Well Uni’s had two days to start back so I’d perhaps better mention it. No tutes running this week! If I’m allowed to whinge one last time, I have a lecture first up every single morning (Mon-Weds and Friday) which means no extra days off this week. Oh well! I do quite like being back.

So Monday held Studio, which goes for 3 hours or so. It’s the Interactive Media (course I’m doing) exclusive subject thing. We have our own room – which I’ve raved about before somewhere. The fact that you can get free coffee and spend time playing with wind up McDonalds cars, if you so desire… Adrian the ‘tutor’ for Studio is fantastic. Great sense of humor if not a little strange at times. Due to there being two classes, we had a bit of a different mix of people.

I was quite happy to see Ben, Kim and Jen there – looks like Huw isn’t it that one, ah well.. It’s probably the crew I got along best with. But the new (to me ones) are great. The girls outnumber the guys! Six of us to five of them. There are seven girls all up in my actual course and a lot more guys than that. Probably a more fun group to go through this half of the year with. So we get, Richard, Jen (another), Amy, Peter (?), Tim, Victoria and Aydan.

Adrian made us do work. Finally! We are involved in getting something together for open day which means we have to get down to it. It also means a Deakin hoodie might come my way. I’m up for freebies anytime!

Tuesday (so this morning) a new subject, but run by Penelope who I had for Principles of Interactive. Media, and she’s great! This subject is basically the next in line: Design of Interactive Media Systems (ie: production and pulling things together how to’s etc). A new location, much smaller room which suits. I had a vague idea of the whereabouts. It was good that I ran into Tim and his cheery goodmorning on the way in, so we found it together.

The lecture itself was very ‘introductory’ ie: “Be good first years and keep organised”. But the subject should far exceed the basics of the last one by the look of it. I like pulling everything together so it’s right up my alley!

Muchly enjoying it all so far. It’s good to be back. I don’t mind the public transport thing (now that Jess and I can’t carpool due to vastly different timetables) There’s some good company 😉 and if not, the humors of those that choose to ride Connex, oh, and a few odd hundred school kids when there aren’t any of those (It’s not every day the primary school goes to IMAX).

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