Falling, tripping or just jumping off the cliff

“We would rather die than not be able to choose our spouse, yet we would rather divorce that same spouse than choose to love them. We want the option to choose without the responsibility
to choose.” (when it comes to love I’m pro-choice)

Mum said, mentioned or questioned something interesting tonight.

The phrase ‘Fall in Love’. Why is it fall?

The general thing you think of when you think about falling is the none too pleasant landing at the end of it.

I’ve experienced this personally many times in my life, from the dramatic slide off a horse (on a stupid trial ride) – where I was totally unconcious (literally) to the landing only to hurt for weeks after, to the odd ending up on the floor after having been in bed – surprise, hurt and no more comfortable mattress, to tripping on the gravel in primary school – okay some blood in this one. None of the above situations were overly pleasant and I dare say those that you can recall ended roughly the same.

I like the fact that love is a good bit about responsibility, it means it’s not all passive and wishy washy. I wouldn’t want that for anyone. Effort means you are going out of your way for something – which throws ‘self’ out of the window, at least for a while. It’s such a good expression of what love is!

Alternatively the ‘Fall’ part of “Fall in Love” could simply refer to the clumsy nature of the whole business, the uncharted, unplanned aspect of the whole deal. Perhaps we should just “Trip in Love”? It’s more applicable.

“When falling in love, we seem to float on air.” – Diogenes Allen quoted in this exceptional article

Does anyone else find this exceedingly ironic?

I am not condemning infatuation, or anything of the like. In some ways it has it’s place. It just looks like the footing isn’t too stable.

Can we just recoin the whole deal to “Fall in-fatuation”?

Spare time? Check out some of the other interesting articles over at TrueU if you can get past the slightly cringey name.


  1. said:

    “Main thing I have learnt though is that not everything has to be thought over and scrutinised. Life and relationships are to be enjoyed! How are you supposed to enjoy them when you spend all your time analysing them?” – couldn’t resist :p

    ‘Fall’ in love? The feeling of not being in control, not being able to stop your feelings for them, not being able to change the fact of your love for them.

    ‘Fall’ because at some point there comes a time when you realise that you can stop yourself from getting any further into it, or you can choose to love them, and from then on in it’s for the long haul.

    ‘Fall’ because it would be no fun if it was a gently controlled descent.

    July 21, 2006
  2. said:

    For some reason, I rather like this topic at the moment 😛 😉
    I like the two parts of this “falling in love” thing, and considering this would be my very first experience of it, I have been pondering it quite a lot 😉
    The feeling thing is pretty amazing. And I do like pointing out the obvious 😉 Every one knows and talks about the feelings though and it probably is focused on far too much.
    The choice? This is the bit I like the most, because it shows me that this IS real. It’s the tough bit, yeah….but it’s the bit that shows me that we’re both in this for the long haul. And unlike other relationships, where it was based purely on mushy good feelings, we have both made the decision that we like each other so incredibly much (;)) that we will choose to stick by them in the bad times, as well as the good.
    Am I pointing out the obvious again? Maybe 😉 But I am just sorting all of this stuff out myself 😉 So bare with me!

    July 21, 2006

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