Interesting how your life takes a turn now and then, and you suddenly have every day full and far less time to get caught in old habits. I do like to take time out to think and to read, but when it comes down to it if the social option is there (well, okay it does depend on the people) then I’d far rather take that. Life has become significantly more busy the past week. I think I quite like it!

It’s probably about time to start rethinking my sleeping patterns now that uni demands an earlier start than the 10:30-11am sleep-in’s I was taking advantage of during the holidays. A rude shock to have to contend with the alarm at 6:00 or at 7:40ish but if it means I start making a point of getting to bed earlier it’s got to be good for me. The 2am’ers which I pull off far more frequently than I admit (Hi Mum I know you’re reading this) have some advantages but when you spend the following day continually yawning and just a little dependant upon getting that dose of caffine… well!

A very social kind of weekend. I did manage to slot in some extra sleep on Saturday morning. After a lot of stuffing round, I managed to catch Tim O for coffee at Morrisons as he wanted to chat to me about something. My that boy can talk! Hannah chastised me for not going to help Geoff move by being the, ‘good little girlfriend’. I honestly think I would’ve just gotten in the way. Sadly I don’t think I’m truly all that helpful when it comes to moving things like fridges. I hope I made up for that today 😛

Home for a few hours (oh dear, this is becoming another ‘what Bec did post’) then off to Tim’s house (the same one) for dinner, with Kat, Mick and Geoff. I beat Tim home from somewhere, and so got to meet his mum/dad and a friend of theirs. Always interesting. Geoff got there and we (or I) made a mess making salad and pasta etc.

Sat around with our BBQ dinner, inside and watched some of the Live8 Dvd – which I never got to see. Talked, etc. The whole intention of the evening, or the social activity by which to structure everything else around was Superman Returns. It didn’t start until 9:15ish. Good movie. Longish and I have a sore back to pay for that, (partly the way I was sitting haha), but highly enjoyable! Some fantastic oneliners in there.

Church this morning was a really odd mix of things – one of the ‘cafe’ mornings. Two video segments, and Ruth spoke. She was great. The videos – well, that’s another story. I don’t think I quite approve. In trying to be relevant – lets say… erm no, it didn’t quite work. The idea behind the thing was alright. I really didn’t get much out of it – if anything.

Susannah’s for pizza afterwards with a good crew. I mentioned my back, and Tim (being Mr. Outdoor Ed) told me to stretch a certain way. Ah the pain! Managed to scab a bit of a massage from it all. They put on Spiderman. I left a bit after Geoff did to go help him, Sam and Steve clean some of the house. Quite an odd thing to be helping out there really, some very funny moments including a serenade by Sam, Steve, Tom and Josh to me while I was cleaning a wall. I don’t think I’ve ever vaccumed a carpet quite so – disgusting dirty.

Anne and Ron came by (Geoff’s parents). And I managed to work out that my mum’s been feeding the ‘food’s I don’t like’ information (some of which isn’t true) her way. I do like pasta! Open invite to their place. All very nice 😛

Coffee with Geoff after that at the only place open on a Sunday afternoon out this way. Macca’s.

And hence concludes yesterday and today. Some new experiences and highly enjoyable ones at that.

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