I spent this afternoon in one of the ultimate ways.

The sky and weather was still glorious by the time the train pulled in. I sat in my car for a bit while I made up my mind what to do. I wound up down at the Lake, where I went for a walk/run (which means slowish intermitent jog – far too unfit for cross-country!) and found a spot on the grass in the sun. I sat/lay there for a very long time and simply enjoyed it and enjoyed God. The lake was all sparkley (cringe word), the sun was warm, there was a breeze, the sky was blue and the clouds minimal but in beautiful forms and very white.


What would be your perfect day?

General Life

I’m beginning to really enjoy my getting to uni a bit early on Tuesdays. I’m sitting in the corner cafe in an extremely decent chair which is doing wonders for my back (no I’m not being sarcastic).

Bloglines spat out a few good reads this morning which I think I’ll share.

Adi over on Donec Requiescat in Te has written something that I think is ‘nice’ – for want of a better word, about love. Here.


Kat Coble over on Just Another Pretty Farce has pointed out something about understanding God. Here.

It’s a beautiful morning out there. Blue, blue sky. I have half an hour or so until my lecture, then it’s uni until 2pm or so.

I ran into Aydan and Natalie this morning (both from school). I missed Mel’s (Aydan’s Fiance) party last night and nearly didn’t go to catch up with some YITS people as I was pretty flat. Jess is housesitting, so we had it here. An interesting evening, mostly full of jokes (and not particularly the kind I really like) and a some sad attempts at kicking off something with a bit more depth. Clacy and Mark got there later and I managed to have a pretty decent chat to Mark while the others continued with their…. humor. I do realise why I opted for the evening out despite being so tired. There is something pretty important about being around people you are more than entirely comfortable with. Time is a master at that. Of course then you must take the frustrating with the ‘best of’ those you are with. It’s really not a bad trade off.

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