Blue sky

I’m beginning to really enjoy my getting to uni a bit early on Tuesdays. I’m sitting in the corner cafe in an extremely decent chair which is doing wonders for my back (no I’m not being sarcastic).

Bloglines spat out a few good reads this morning which I think I’ll share.

Adi over on Donec Requiescat in Te has written something that I think is ‘nice’ – for want of a better word, about love. Here.


Kat Coble over on Just Another Pretty Farce has pointed out something about understanding God. Here.

It’s a beautiful morning out there. Blue, blue sky. I have half an hour or so until my lecture, then it’s uni until 2pm or so.

I ran into Aydan and Natalie this morning (both from school). I missed Mel’s (Aydan’s Fiance) party last night and nearly didn’t go to catch up with some YITS people as I was pretty flat. Jess is housesitting, so we had it here. An interesting evening, mostly full of jokes (and not particularly the kind I really like) and a some sad attempts at kicking off something with a bit more depth. Clacy and Mark got there later and I managed to have a pretty decent chat to Mark while the others continued with their…. humor. I do realise why I opted for the evening out despite being so tired. There is something pretty important about being around people you are more than entirely comfortable with. Time is a master at that. Of course then you must take the frustrating with the ‘best of’ those you are with. It’s really not a bad trade off.

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