Doings and short-timed

To use another post to point out a ‘good read’,

this post over on Carolyn McCulley’s blog, Priorities and Decisions: Human Beings or Doings is worth some thought. I know my life has been feeling pretty insane due to ‘not enough time’ lately.

Some of my struggle with time is knowing what I want to be doing and what I have to do (like uni) and opting for doing what I’d rather be doing (because in a sense I can argue that it’s more important to who I am) and still not ever fully getting the worth out of the half hearted effort I put there – probably due to the fact that I’ve got all these other ‘tasks’ weighing over my head.

Or I start doing stupid things like pushing sleep further and further back, just so I can finish everything.

Unfortuantely although Beth and I have discussed the possibility of a 28hr day – it’s not going to work.

It’s easy to talk to God and get caught up in blah’ing out our busy lives to him or to others and not really make the effort to listen properly.

Someone on Wednesday night – I think Evie might’ve said that, perhaps we are really a lazy society. We work 5 days, we rest 2 days – regardless of religion (I am generalising of course). We were discussing the Sabbath principle – there doesn’t feel like a whole lot of time for any of that really. I fill my ‘days off’ with far, far too much.

Little things are starting to get to me, like the fact I haven’t sat down and really read/finished anything for almost a month.

On that fine note – I have another assignment due Wednesday. A big one. I’m trying to work out when I’m going to have the time. I skipped my one lecture again today so I could get some ebaying done, in hope to clear some more time for homework, but other things have come up and I’m still where I should’ve been at 11:00 this morning.

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  1. Tris said:

    Rarely I be one to lecture someone such as yourself. But here, I simply must.

    Absolute first step: in life, accept there is no “have to”.

    August 11, 2006

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