It’s funny the news stories that get to you – they should perhaps be the world affecting ones, not so this time. There is something about knowing someone’s utter stupidity and recognition of one life worth more than another that is so intensely wrong. This time an act of kindness was repayed with death.

The chain of events, and the death of the taxi driver consequently sparked a protest and from there, people go on about hoping that, “A life was not lost in vain”.

How much do we as individuals really stand for the whole community? I don’t know if our death should ever be worth more than what we will be remembered for in life. Why when a tragic circumstance like this happens do we immediately try and gratify the situation by sucking as much out of it as we can? The same goes for solidiers really. Except their ‘choice for others’ is far more intentional.

Can death be exploited? Can life be exploited?
Should we ever capitalise on either?

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