A Brief History of the Smile

The real reason for the blog title is that I had an hour or two to kill at uni today and I spent a lot of it in the Library reading psychology books. I came across a book with the name, “A Brief History of the Smile”. Some titles are simply satisfying. It was begging to be used. So I’m using it.

To make it all slightly relevant. Something that I have great cause to smile about was that I was having had a bit of chat to God on the way to young adults and throwing something in about maybe it’d be nice to just be encouraged. I’m not sure why, I don’t feel that much of a need for it, things are pretty good. And…

We split into groups for the evening and spent time praying for eachother (and other stuff). So Dylan, James, Ana and I had a bit of chat about what’s going on in life as a heads up about what to pray for. My spiel was very very short with the whole, well things really are going pretty well at the moment – then we got sidetracked into other peoples stuff. I didn’t mind. I didn’t have much push to share anything at all really. So we’re praying and I realise I didn’t exactly give people ‘stuff’ to be specific about. Hmm okay, whatever we’ll just get the ‘general’ deal if at all.

Then James starts praying for me, and he’s talking about enjoying where I’m at, and knowing God as Father and ALL these other ‘key words’ for me at the moment. It was amazingly spot on. It’s not something I’d talked about, he’d have no way of knowing. It’s just been bits now and then for me from God but enough that I’ve been clued into it. I let him know about it later.

I love how God dropped this ‘answer’ to my offhand,”Hmm a bit of encouragement would be nice” thing, just right there. I couldn’t have conceptualised how encouragement during tonight would be – but it was pretty well perfect and pretty well where I needed it. Nice to know God’s definitely still around.

So. That’s what I have to smile about.

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