3,000 and counting

Good bloggers don’t keep track of how many people visit, but I’ve been watching one of my stat counters (the newer one) and it’s just tipped 3,000. Three cheers for All Said and Done. Which is fairly impressive and mabye probably a lot inaccurate. But it’s a big number, and I like big numbers…sometimes.

This time last year I posted the angry version of Shout to the Lord.

Which gives me a really good excuse to link through to Christina’s post on prayer because I like it lots and I’ve been meaning to mention it ever since it got caught in my bloglines.

The evil assignment is pretty much done. Except three diagrams. My budget section… well, I could’ve possibly done that better. It’s a royal pain being a perfectionist sometimes, you work so hard on the other bits (Even if you do leave them until the last day) to just get the wording right and if you can’t do that all the way through, you feel like you’ve let the rest of what you’ve done down. Budget bits are numbers I probably grossly underestimated, I have no idea how much things should cost…. :\ didn’t I just say I liked big number. What a prime example of just how it doesn’t work! Blah.

…and so what if the picutre shows some random cartoon man counting music, it looks like numbers!


  1. said:

    Hi Bec, thanks for the link. I am a frequent checker of my stats (one of my newer obsessions), and I have to say I am rather looking forward to clicking over my first thousand! What stat counter do you use? I use the built in one for wordpress and sitemeter. Like that version of Shout to the Lord too….

    August 16, 2006
  2. said:

    um… okay confession time

    eXtreme Tracking (had this one first)
    google analytics

    August 16, 2006

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