I spent 4 tedious hours today scanning in over a hundred of my slides. Every little problem I didn’t anticipate came up to bite me in the bum.

I managed to get hold of the slide template and the scanner was free. The computer was not happy with finding me on the network, I’d left my usb stick at home and had no blank cds. The template is due back tomorrow morning. I ran down to the studio and borrowed Matt’s stick. 256mb, with some stuff already on it. So I scanned some, then crashed a classroom of ‘typology showing students’ a couple of times to offload onto my drive – which was having issues also.

The usb stick went psycho and filled up with only 2.5mb spare even when I deleted the last lot, which would’ve left more than half the slides un-scanned. I had a moment of triumph when I worked out what was going on – more really that I fixed something I don’t know why the heck was happening.

I get home and spend ages getting them across from the ftp onto my computer because I want to be able to have a good look at them and put a few up. Sure, I’ve scanned them in at a mighty high resolution (as they are slides and really small and you want to get them up to beyond thumbnail size). That’s fine. I saved them as .tif to attempt to keep as much quality as I could. Anyway, now photoshop is chucking a spaz and not letting me resave them as jpgs. even when I try to ferry my way around it. I can’t help but thinking that this is something to do with the bit-depth, which I think was also very high. But why! It doesn’t make any sense!

And flickr claims to be able to read .tiff files (which I can save them as) and still doesn’t like it!

So, you’ll have to be satisfied with a screenshot for now. I can’t put them up on flickr until I work out what’s going on. Any suggestions would be marvellous.

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Before the day ends, a very brief run down on the goings on of the last few days…

Friday night:
Last Youth night for the term – cooked spaghetti for the kids after nearly forgetting the frying pans. Excellent night with some good conversation and discussion. Laura ran the God spot and talked about Loving others. A personal ‘funny’ moment was explaining what ‘fly off the handle’ meant to a 12 year old… Yeah and they say the Message version is meant to be relevant!

Managed to avoid the mad house of getting things ready for Em’s 18th. Went under the ‘pretence’ of gardening (so claims Mum) at Geoff’s place – it threatened rain so we watched Garden State instead. Close enough. Did some gardening after the movie. Found: worms, snails, a slug, a very cool frog… and a lot of weeds.
Came back home where people had already arrived. Em had a girly/pink (ugh) party with about 20+ girls. I think Geoff was a little overwhelmed but he can probably speak for himself. I found it highly amusing and the fact that all that pink was way too much for me, I don’t want to know how Dad and Geoff were coping. I had to have a shower so left him out there with Laura LuLu to entertain him. Ate some party food and got out of there.
Got to Burkie’s 21st without getting lost. Saw a lot of gusheroodle people I haven’t seen in a long time. Belle was there!!!! Geoff got to meet Paul and Burks. Funniest speech I think I’ve ever heard. Sang Happy Birthday and made the long trek back.

Overslept so came 20 mins late to church. To Ana’s place afterwards with the crew for a BBQ. Few of us stayed for dinner – homeade pasta. I managed to touch Ana on the back about 3 times unintentionally, I don’t think she was impressed. On drive back from dropping G home, God whalloped me hard with something (See previous post for vague references).

Morning. Slight Embarassing moment where I find out something my mum, no wait, make that my WHOLE family knows.
Huw (from uni) and I have a conference about course changing after I balk at the structure of BIM (Bachelor of Interactive Media) next year. I’m not keen on 3D animation let alone animation and so much of it is around that. Decide I sensibly should get out. I land on a very promising possibility at Swinburne Prahan – Communication Design. *Which I’ll link when the Swin. website is working! It’s more print, more publishing, graphic designy stuff and the ‘big picture’ elements. With some alternatives at Monash and RMIT. Need to get onto them soon and pull together some kind of folio. I almost definitely will be applying after I investigate a little further.
Dinner out with Geoff at the Pig and Whistle. Very nice.
Now. Crappy blog post. Bed

*It is now working

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