hiVery interesting article by Michael Bywater about how,

We’re All Big Babies

An interesting look at this society really.

It comes with some pointers about how to be an adult. So maybe you should go and read it! 😛

Culture General

I’ve gone and done it.

Revamped the Myspace I made about a year ago.

Why? It’s such a pathetic blogging tool. I’m attempting in some selfish way to point people towards here and I would like to be able to comment on the occasional space myself (you are required to have an account).

Don’t expect blogs to end up there. They stay here. I like this spot better. The backend is horrendous. The power behind an idea (so says the expert) – it certainly isn’t behind the design.



Blogging General

pelicanSurely a week is long enough to be sick?

From sore throat that started it to everything, to coughing, lack of sleep, headaches, to coughing… and now it appears to have drawn itself in a complete circle.

So when everything else mostly decides to ease up the sore throat makes a spectacular comeback. Not impressed.

General Life

personTime Magazine has an interesting article on Youth Ministry.

Read it here

Over my holidays (which clearly aren’t here yet, because I’m procrastinating studying for my exam) I’ve had a book sitting on my shelf for a few months now about ‘Engaging the Soul of Youth Culture’. I intend to read it and have a bit more a think about some of this stuff.

Christianity General Ministry

Pure gold.

The top two Google hits for:

“what removes soap scumb from the glass shower door”

go to… *DRUMROLL*

(attack of the spelling mistake yet again *rueful face*)