Stuck in my throat

I’ve had a glorious time thinking I’d gottten what inspired Geoff to write ‘Snotty‘ but infact have taken an alternative germ. The past two nights have been sleep eager and I’ve been downing the drugs like someone dependant. My throat’s been screaming obsencities in a dull awkward kind of way (NB all metaphorical) and in the past few hours I’ve managed to cough up… stuff. It’s not been all that pleasant. In short: sore throat and feeling pretty shocking.

Yesterday G and I went down to the costal Williamstown for a picnic lunch with Pete and Kathy (old pastors) and a few others. It was an enjoyable afternoon despite feeling a little bit like I should really not be standing up.

Today comes with the obligation of at least coming close to completing that last assignment so I can get started on studying for my first exam.

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